Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spark Arrestor: 1978 Honda XR75

When you were a kid you either knew someone that owned an XR75 or were lucky enough to be that kid who owned one.  Honda made and sold 1,000's of the tough little bikes in the 70's and you can still find a few them for sale on your local Craigslist.  Most were thrashed and trashed by their kid owners and kid friends, so the ones you find today are totally beat.  There are a few that survived or have been restored by guys seeking to recapture their youth.  Find this restored 1978 Honda XR75 for sale in Enumclaw, WA for $750 via craigslist.

The XR75 was powered by a 75cc four stroke OHC single that Honda engineered to be capable of taking tons of abuse by young cycle owners and continue to run today (albeit smoking like a two stroke).  XR75's ruled the mini motocross classes in the 70's and it wasn't uncommon for your dad to spend thousands on hop up parts to build a high reving hand grenade.  This bike doesn't have any of this, but you should be able to ride it out to your mailbox without needing a rebuild.

The XR75 also sported a 5 speed transmission (1 down, 4 up) and a work-it-yourself clutch like a serious motorcycle vs. some sissy automatic lawn mower motor powered mini.  The ad bike has had its original exhaust replaced with a later XR80 exhaust that snakes behind the rear shock vs. the original that hung down below the clutch cover.  The seller mentions that the replacement contains a U.S. Forrest Service approved spark arrestor, but the original did too.  Kudos to him though for replacing the side covers with XR80 covers with room for the muffler.

The best part of this whole bike - that is almost unheard of with a 37 year old mini bike (beyond its restored condition) - is that it has a valid title and a current WA State ORV tag.  Most beat to crap vintage XR's on Craigslist are sold only with a bill of sale which makes getting an ORV tag so you can ride it in places other than your driveway a large pain.  This alone adds a couple of hundred bucks to the bike's value. 

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  1. This was my first motorcycle. Bought it for $175 from an ad in the paper.
    All of my friends were riding Honda z50s. I would smoke them on the XR.
    I was 8years old and this was the first machine that I truly learned how to take apart carburetors, change tires, and keep it running well.


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