Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sour Puss: 1960 Imperial LeBaron Sedan by Chrysler

In 1955 the Imperial transcended its role as Chrysler's top of the line automobile and became its own marque.  It was no longer the Chrysler Imperial, it was simply the Imperial -- a trick later borrowed by the artist that was previously The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.  I have no idea and even less interest in knowing what that gyrating freak wants people to call him these days, but I can tell you that this next car is not a Chrysler.  Find this 1960 Imperial Le Baron Sedan by Chrysler here on eBay bidding for $6,600 with 3 days to go, located in Greenville, SC.

Just look at the sour puss on the 1960 Imperial -- the goofy looks of the '59 was replaced with the concerned look of a car that had just eaten a plate of fresh lemons.  If you think the styling out front is wild, just look at the tail fins and trunk treatment out back.

The interior is extremely strange to our 21st century eyes as the Imperial features a set of periscope air vents and a push button automatic.  You can't really see it in the photos, but the '60 Imperial had something called a "high-tower" seat for the driver that was contoured and raised above the rest of the bench to give the driver additional luxury. 

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  1. This grill looks inspired by the humpback whale. Perfect for filtering out thousands of krill. I am a fan of a vestigal continental kit.

  2. Virgil Exner design, right?

    I used to hate everything he did. I'm still not fond of most of the bigger ones, though they've got a definite feeling for the period.

    I do happen to have come around to liking the first Valiant quite a lot, though.

  3. Man you guys are way off on this one. Its gorgeous. Check out the oddly shaped steering wheel. I had a '63 Crown Imperial two tone so I guess Im biased and unable to process your HATE. Governor Pat Brown of California had a Ghia limo based on the '60 I think, His son our present Governor I believe was driven in a motor pool Plymouth the first time around........I'll bet Linda Ronstadt just loved that

    1. There's this odd Internet effect where people seek out topics they supposedly like and proceed to say nothing positive about them. No car receives anything but negative criticism. I am as baffled by it as you are. I happen to think this carvis over-the-top fantastic, and I'd love to take it for a ride.

    2. It actually seemed like rather modest hate on a frankly polarizing design. I, for one, welcome the ovoid tiller and krill-oriented features. It's in the range of my favorite car color too. I'd totally be the man in the high tower on this one.


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