Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SFFD Fire Chief Car: 1972 Plymouth Fury III

People joke about red cars being magnets for tickets from the police, but this next red classic is simultaneously the least likely car for you to get a ticket but the most likely car to get you behind bars.  Find this 1972 Plymouth Fury III ex-SFFD Fire Chief car offered for $14,900 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy.

You could drive around town in this thing with the "out of service" stickers in the windows and on the trunk, but what sort of fun is that?  It'd be like getting dressed up for a night on the town with your best set of high heels and then wearing your wedding ring.  Where's your sense of adventure...where is the risk?  If you are going to drive around town in a vintage Fire Chief car, it'd better look the part, ditch the legal disclaimers and just cruise around like you own the place.  Maybe extinguish a few fires and admonish folks for not properly trimming their hedges.  

The paint job in itself won't get you arrested, but those prominently displayed red lights might cause problems...but nothing you couldn't talk your way out of.  Right?  Or speed your way out of trouble with the 400 cubic inch big block rated at 290 horsepower and mated to a 727 Torqueflight automatic.

The best part of the car is the inside, where all manner of period correct fire/police stuff is present, from the seller:
Full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment for Chief and Operator) Fire suits, oxygen tanks, masks. . .
SFFD Forms, accident, camera, Radios, Authentic Helmets, SBCA for Chief and Operator. Authentic Chief's status board on dash. Hidden scanner in glove box wired to speaker, programmed for SFSF.

 See another red hot classic? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. It would be awesome if this belonged to the same fire department as the Bonsai Sized 1991 Subaru Firetruck featured a couple of weeks ago.

  2. There was an accident inside.... I hope it wasn't anything to messy...

  3. Super cool. Assuming its all original then thats a plus!. Since its in Cali I assume the seller has done battle with CHP and the "Out of Service" card is sufficient to keep the more anal of the Chippies off your backside :)

    I guess its worth what someone would pay though I have to say I never much liked the design of the early seventies Mopars ; reminds me of my Dad's 1970 Chrysler Newport stripper, while different , just about the same.

  4. There's nothing like putting one of these sideways on an icy two lane back road with oncoming traffic. The length of the car was nearly the width of the road!

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