Saturday, September 19, 2015

McQueen of the Track: 1959 Lotus Westfield Eleven Replica

Kit cars are a cheap and easy way to get into a car that looks fast/classic but doesn't have the rich collectors scrambling to get a piece of Steve McQueen's leftover DNA.  Some might claim that they are cheap imitations of the real deal that devalue the original but others will point out that they are the best way to get into a car that is supremely fast and totally free of safety standards.  Just make sure that whoever built it did a good job because you won't be able to sue Lotus when the wheel falls off your replica at 110mph.  Find this 1959 Lotus Westfield Eleven Replica here on eBay bidding for $15,101 in Los Angeles, CA with 2 days to go.

The Lotus Eleven was one of the most successful racers to come from Colin Chapman's stable behind the Railway Hotel in Hornsey, North London.  Its curvy body was designed by aerodynamicist Frank Costin and you probably can't afford to buy one of the 270 examples that were campaigned by the likes of Sir Stirling Moss.  You can, however, buy a replica from Westfield Sportscars and they look incredible and go/turn/stop better than the original due to modern technology.

This one used an MG chassis for a donor vehicle and the engine is a Ford Cosworth cross-flow dry-sump unit- 1500cc with twin weber-carburetors.  It should go like stink...and it looks rad with the fiberglass body panels removed.  

See another unfinished kit car bidding for cheap?



    1. (Peter Egan built one and drove it cross-country.)

    2. Thanks for this, Mike.

      To this day, "What year Undo is that mister?" is still one of my favorite lines from any car piece.

      What a great article.

  2. This seller is under the impression that the Westfield 11 is no longer available...this site say's that he is wrong !



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