Tuesday, September 1, 2015

McBurnie Corvette: 1973 Ferrari Daytona Replica

DT E-i-C Vince: This next feature is a  1973 Ferrari Daytona Replica is offered for $17,500 in Merritt Island, FL via craigslist.  The following are a few words of wisdom from tipper Doctodel. 

Ohhhh, this SO needs to happen! Push up your linen sleeves, tuck the pink tee into your Sansabelts and ignore the funk emanating from your sockless Bally slip-ons, pal. This repro Daytona has "purposely ironic 80s throwback schlock" in spades...or keys-your choice.

When Crockett's 365 was converted from potential into thermal energy in a spectacular display of entropy oh-so-many seasons ago, the masses huddled around their living room CRTs collectively gasped with the horror only the uninformed could muster: "Did you just see what they did to that Ferrari?!? That thing's-like-a MILLION DOLLARS!!" Ah, but you and I knew that car's convenient secret and we all smiled knowingly at school on Monday, when we shined our impressive automotive intellect to a luster for our 15 minutes of popularity that month, putting all of those schoolmate Neanderthals in their place when we confidently (smugly?) explained that Crockett's "Ferrari" was actually a Corvette with a thorough application of Miami's finest cosmetic surgery. Oh, the looks on their faces! Incredulity, skepticism, outright hostility didn't phase us for, alas, we were Car Guy, and Car Guy Knows Car Stuff. Boy and girl Miami Vice fans alike all listened to you prove your bona fides by quoting the issue of C&D that you gleaned your information from.

And although she wouldn't have known Peter Egan from PJ O'Rourke, that girl with the pageboy looked-actually looked!-at you right in the eye for just a half tick before she made her way back to her friends and the boys' conversation returned to (City)(Team) football discussion that you had only superficial knowledge of. And you were on top of the world for the rest of that day, basking in the warm glow of that lingering glance, made possible by your love of four wheeled exotica.

Maybe I'm remembering this wrong. Hmm.

As for this car, it seems to me that 100% of the fun with these is rocking the repro on purpose, with zero intention of even attempting to pass it off as the real deal. Best case: offer the seller 10k and fly into MIA for a long weekend. Miami and all its plastic pomposity is the best venue in the world to floss in this thing, if only for idling up and down Ocean Ave and Lincoln Road; maybe take a few long exposure nighttime shots of you and your companion leaned up against the fender while parked on the shoulder of the MacAuthor Causeway; valet it at the Delano; give exotic strangers rides three deep in the passenger seat..and then sell it for what you bought it for. Sonny's "Daytona" was disposable; this one should be, too.

DT: Thanks for the link Doctordel, can I stay at your place when I pick this thing up?  Got a spare white suit I can borrow? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Well, that write up made me laugh out loud. Nice work!

  2. Loved the show - real or fake. Loved the cars - real or fake. Loved the women - real or fake....


  3. I don't know why, but Phil the Shill's white Jalpa is the second car my hippocampus calls up whenever I mentally meander into Miami Viceland... What is that?? That, and the brief clip of the 962 tightly bouncing over uneven downtown streets in the opening creds.

  4. I would love to buy this and make it look like a barn find. Sand down the paint in areas, patina the wheels, oil soak the seats, and hold down some stuff with leather straps.
    It could be so bitchen for $17,000!

  5. I'd rock that! How does a Mullet look with a Bald Spot?

    1. Like a true believer.

    2. I've heard a bald head with a mullet called a "skullet" or a "Kentucky Waterfall."

  6. Sonny wouldn't roll in dat. Needs paint more than a 10 dollar hoe. Cs


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