Monday, September 7, 2015

Loony Labor Day: 1995 Lincoln Ranchero Town Truck

Let's start off Loony Labor Day with a simple custom that isn't any more bizarre than the average crap classics we post on a regular basis.  This homage to Homerica started out as a second generation (1990-1997) Lincoln Town Car sitting on the Panther platform shared with the Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford's Crown Victoria.  It has been converted into an El Camino a Ranchero style pickup complete with Town Truck badging.  What could go wrong?  Find this 1995 Lincoln Ranchero Town Truck offered for $4,850 in Loves Park, IL via craigslist. Tip from James R.

This thing doesn't actually look that bad for what it is -- but it looks huuuuuuuuge from a side few -- way longer than a normal Town Car, but it could be an optical opticamino illusion.  If it runs drives and has working AC, it looks like the perfect car to mount a 5th wheel and pull some giant trailer. 

See a cooler spare tire mounted on the back of a "pickup"?


  1. People will think you borrowed the funeral home's flower car for a Home Depot run.
    Your neighbors will label you as loony.


    Looks like it has a side loader door........and the tailgate looks to open and whats with the wire grating on the back window? I love the clearance lights. All you need is a Princess phone, a loud plaid jacket, a cigar and lumbago and you're good to go!

  3. These people are not trying hard enough - where is the camper on the back end? That would truly be "glamping".

  4. It looks as though it was an old hearse.

  5. It looks as though it was an old hearse.

  6. It looks as though it was an old hearse.

  7. I was following this car last night. I could barely catch it to find out just what the heck it was!! It is so hideous! But really hauls some a@&!


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