Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gee Whiz Kid: 2006 Infiniti G35 6MT

This next car is a  late model Japanese sport sedan that threatened BMW's 3-series for the title of king of the luxury sport 4-doors when it was released in 2003.  The Infiniti G35 wasn't available in a spec that could compete with BMW's M3, but it was available with Nissan's fantastic V6 and today will run you a fraction of the price of a similar condition 335i.  So skip the BMW hype and get the next better thing, this 2006 Infiniti G35 offered for $7,950 in Milpitas, CA via craigslist.

The G35 is powered by a 298 horsepower and 258 ft-lbs of torque version of Nissan's VQ35DE (up a few hp from the earlier '03-'04 model years).  The award winning V6 is located far back in the chassis (Nissan calls it FM -front midships) mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox that is connected to a viscous limited slip differential out back.  It sounds really good on paper...but why are they so inexpensive?

Oh yeah.  There it is.  The G35 interior is a collection of hard plastics, cheap looking gauges, and stuff that was rejected from a 90s Subaru.  The seats aren't bad, but every touch surface, switch, button, and handle is really cheesy.   But, if you can get past the interior, these are really nice cars.

See another modern driver worth a thumbsup?


  1. I think that the coupe version of this car is one of the best looking designs of the past 15 years. The sedan isn't bad. The coupe (to me) looks better than the 350Z. But Nissan/Infiniti swapped the difference on the redesigns a few years ago. The G37 is not as good looking as the G35 (started to look generic) but the 370Z is a big improvement over the 350Z (better headlight/taillight treatments, grille, stance...). The 350Z is a cool car, but the styling looked unfinished, like the designers missed a deadline. These G35s look really great with a bit of lowering and a slightly bigger wheel/tire combo.

  2. They should have just brought back the 2x2 Z.

  3. This was on my shopping list really think they drive pretty good and ride with out beating you up like the rear drive lay out as i am old school what i am use to. Not a fan of the X model that goes for Bmw sedans also.

  4. Quick car, harder to find with the 6sp. Engine has great torque. I rented one of these in 2006 from Hertz, and even though it was an automatic, you could shift was fun and quick. They are reliable, and the miles are not a huge concern. Cheap, because you should buy an M3, which does everything this does, just a little bit better. In the end, I got a '97 M3 Sedan, which is a better car in every way, except the older build quality....


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