Friday, September 18, 2015

Coffee Brake: Vintage Racing at Coronado

Welcome to the Coffee Brake, where we discuss things other than the best custom Fiero-Camino hybrids.  Every year I look forward to the summer festival of awesome machinery known as the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca...however, due to family/DT/other commitments I was unable to attend the annual pilgrimage to worship at the house of the great corkscrew.  Instead, this weekend I am heading out to the Island of Coronado located adjacent to America's Finest City, for the 18th annual Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival (Sept 19-20, 2015 at Naval Air Station North Island).

Through a sheer stroke of luck I was able to convince the nice folks at the Fleet Week media relations office that DailyTurismo was a legit media outlet and they sent a parking pass and media credentials. Hunsbloger and I will be covering the event in typical DT fashion (like we did in 2012), which means scouring the parking lot for cheap classics, taking photos, and sampling the free food...wait...that is exactly what real media does, so I guess we're legit?

If you are going to be at the event, drop a comment below.  Adam Carolla mentioned on an episode of his CarCast podcast that he will be at the show, so with any luck we can get a look at his classic Datsun race car.


  1. I recommend accommodations on Shelter Island since the Hotel Del (Coronado) is going to be A: packed and B: $$$ Also, I hate you guys (in the Eric Cartman voice).

    1. It will just be a day trip for me, but I'd probably stay with family if I needed a place to crash.

  2. Best place to stay is the Glorietta Bay inn in Coronado...directly across the street from the Hotel Del. Great prices and great rooms. Been staying there for 17 years. The Hotel Del is crazy expensive. Enjoy!

    1. 17 years, wow, that has got to be one heckuva hotel bill!! Thanks for the tip.

    2. LOL, Yep, and I'm still dodging the front desk...they'll catch me one of these days!

  3. Coronado is a peninsula despite the Chamber of Commerce bs..............lived there for thirty years! Back in the day when Rug Cunningham of Cunningham BMW brought his fleet of super prepped Beemers it was a sight to see. Havent been in a couple of years...hope you guys got lots of cool shots. I always liked watching the vintage class that held the TC's etc.


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