Saturday, September 5, 2015

Classic Sedan: 1972 BMW Bavaria 3.0

The BMW Bavaria  was the version of the BMW E3 sedan (known internally as the "New Six") that was powered by the big 3.0 liter M30B30 inline-6.  Today's example looks like a lot of vintage car for the asking price and comes with  new tires and 4-speed manual gearbox.  Find this 1972 BMW Bavaria 3.0 offered for $5,500 in Eagle Rock, CA via craigslist.

See a better classic BMW for cheap?


  1. Unless there's an issue I'm overlooking, this seems to be a really good price for this car. Hard to find these early versions (small bumpers) in this condition. Usually you find a tired '74-'77 for this number. Wish I had garage space.

  2. I believe this one is a quick flip from the end of July on Ebay...sold for $3,275.
    Ebay Item # 151758888118
    Proceed with this in mind.

  3. @BenLurkin.....I was wondering as the brand new 7 digit license plate is a red flag to Cali dwellers. If it had a sunroof I would be on my way despite the obvious flipper third party references ....( have receipts). But no sunroof, no tickee, no shirtee.

  4. An honest question: so what if the seller is a flipper? The car speaks for itself, right? Go, inspect, look over any receipts, drive it, etc., and, if the car meets your expectations for a '72 E3, then you make an offer. It's a transaction like any other, no?

  5. True. No harm with someone buying it right and turning a profit. But equally so, I have seen cars purchased, then the new owner find out the car has issues, and then they're back on the block. I think folks that know/want a Bavaria would pay for a PPI prior to purchase anyway. I know I certainly would. One of the first questions I generally ask is how long have you owned the car? If they say a month, then the next obvious question is why are you selling it now?
    I didn't say buyer beware, simply know as much about the car before proceeding.


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