Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bluebird Pickup: 1964 Datsun 1200 NL320

Do you ever having that strange feeling that you've seen something before?  Maybe a picture of a car? It happens a lot when you blog obsessively about cheap used cars for sale around the web, but this next feature comes with so much déjà vu that I'm thinking of buying a Saturn SUV.  Find this 1964 Datsun 1200 offered for $3,995 in Laramie, WY via craigslist.

This is the picture that I can't get out of my head, so if you've tipped this car in the past, or sent a framed/autographed picture of this thing...please forgive me, because I can't find hide nor hair of a hint of where this craiglist link came from.

According to TruckTrend the NL320 Datsun 1200  is one of the rarest trucks ever made.  The basic Datsun 320 pickup was produced in large numbers, but the NL version is a unibody edition where only about 1200 where ever imported to the USA.

Found a cool car for sale and you want to send it to someone who will misplace the link and then post it months later without giving you credit?  Send it here:


  1. OMG. The wife would kill me. I am 3hrs from this gem and I'd buy it if it didn't mean my marriage. Rats....stupid marriages.

  2. This cool little truck has been for sale for over a year. Of course, the seller hasn't change the price much...

    1. OC -- is that where I saw this thing? Did you feature it? I sometimes cruise over to the world of Oddimotive and enjoy the strange stuff. Here it is.


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