Friday, September 25, 2015

Around The Web: Beetle Custom, Mazdararri, Clean Volvo

Today seems like a great day to kickoff a new feature -- an experiment, as they say.  Here is a quick collection of the best cars found at other sites on the web.  Today you'll find a custom Beetle from Oddimotive, a Mazda pickup masqurading as a Ferrari from Jalopnik's Nice Price or Crack Pipe, and a two-tone Volvo from Bringatrailer.

First is this bizarre looking custom creation based on a 1967 Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle, offered for $7,900 here on eBay buy-it-now found via Oddimotive.  It looks like a cross between a mail truck and an amusement park ride and has the wheel base reserved for pocket-bikes, expect any freeway trips to be a code brown experience.

 Next up is a 1989 Mazda B-series pickup, that has been customized to look a bit like a Ferrari offered for $7,900 here on craigslist, found via Jalopnik's NPOCP.  Unfortunately trying to get your Mazda to look like a Ferrari is akin to carving the Pietà out of a bar of used bath soap...results may vary. 

The final interesting car from around the web today is this 1967 Volvo 122S offered here on eBay bidding for $4,000 reserve-not-met from Bringatrailer.  It has a cool looking two tone paint job that looks in great shape and has only recently been exported from California to New York, so expect rust to be minimal. 

Any ideas on what to call this new feature?  Around the web?  Web fishing?  Slipped through the nets?  Crabs in my pockets?   Spotted elsewhere?  The best of the rust? 

DT is in no way affiliated with the previously referenced websites/businesses.


  1. badge for that


    1. Another cool badge, K B Zed.

    2. V - *you* are the genius for inventing this astute search engine optimization-y yet still DT-ish feature

      G - thank you kindly - i should make you a badge you can use for comments - interested?

      hmm - anyone else interested in a personal badge? - how about i do a random pick from the first 5 responders with 5 key words describing your DT-ish interests?

    3. Fleetwood T. BroughamSeptember 25, 2015 at 1:50 PM

      Ooooof....yes please!

      1) 80's-90's German Cars.
      2) 80's Japanese Trucks
      3) sport touring motorcycles
      4) obscurities
      5) Bargains

      thanks for the offer!

  2. That pic of the t-bug is really messing with me...why does the trim on the side of the house become part of the cab?

  3. Thanks for the coverage! Of course, BAT and Jalopnik pale in comparison to Oddimotive as a marketing force! :-)

  4. Those side thingys on that pick'em up truck would do well on dually if you scaled them up a tad. It'd be super funny to see a faux-rarri rollin' coal.

  5. Uhh, please...

    1) Volvo 1800es
    2) reliant scimitar
    3) v8olvo longroof
    4) triumph gt6
    5) mg mgbgt

    Et al, et al, et al....

  6. My badge list:
    1) Really fast wagons
    2) Aero-engined vintage monsters
    3) Featherweight vehicles
    4) Non-wheeled vehicles (half-tracks, tracks and skis, etc)
    5) Electric vehicle conversions

    This is also a list of what I like to see more of, though in real terms I am only in the market for fast wagons and featherweight vehicles.

  7. Also, I really quite like that truck. Even the fibreglass side strakes, which have a true eighties sport-truck thing going on. The removable roof is great. The Ferrari stickers have to go, of course.

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