Sunday, September 27, 2015

356HP Electric Conversion:1978 Porsche 911SC

I am a big fan of what Tesla is doing in the automotive industry, and I'll be the first to admit not giving them much chance of survival when launched (hence rule #12, never underestimate Iron Man Elon Musk).  However, given the choice between dropping almost six figures on a used Tesla Roadster or picking up this next customized Porsche....I'm gonna have to choose the latter.  Find this 1978 Porsche 911 SeleCtric offered here on eBay bidding for $21,100 with a few hours to go.

 This 911 has had its aircooled flat-6 replaced with a set of two Netgain Warp9 electric DC motors controlled by a Evnetics Soliton1 controller capable of a combined 356 horsepower.  Range is estimated at less than 50 miles according to the seller, and you can see a few videos about this thing here, here, and here.

See a better way to embrace the electric future?


  1. I could see this being really neat if it had at least a 100 mile range...50 miles it cutting it close on even going for a drive.

  2. Toss an old honda generator under the hood and call it a hybrid?

  3. I have a question about the video. Is it all electric?

  4. Holy crap. 356 HP? Have you ever been in an all electric car with even 180 HP? Instant torque. B*lls to the wall.

    This thing must plaster you to the non-existent back seat when you stomp on it from a full stop...

    As electric motor/battery combos get better, faster cheaper, and more reliable, I think there will be a HEALTHY aftermarket business taking old classics with blown engines and retrofitting electric engines/batteries into them.

  5. Is it no longer a widow maker?
    I wonder if the battery weight distribution fixes the 911 handling issues?
    So this may be a case where you do want to meet the maker (of this 911)

  6. Replies

    2. Derp! Forgot the link! Thanks anon, link update in main post now.

  7. It would barely get to work and back. Not much range for spirited driving. If I'm limited to 50 miles...

  8. Sigh.... where do I start? First, why would anyone do this to a Porsche? There are junkyards full of Geo Metros just begging to be converted. Secondly, 50 mile range. Seriously? Thirdly, remember that electric vehicles are not "zero emission", they are just "displaced emission" (something gets burned somewhere else). And in many cases, what gets burned is coal. So much for green-ness. And lastly, Teslas are a great way to funnel public money into private pockets .

    1. Well, your first two are questions of preference. Different people like different things. Some like survivor Porches, some like outlaws. Others like electric conversions because they are interested in how it would work. 50 miles isn't a lot, but there are some use cases where it would work fine.

      Your third point is only partly correct. The emissions are displaced, but not ' just' displaced. The emissions are both displaced and reduced. A coal fired power plant uses less input energy and produces less emissions to generate 100kW/h than a small internal combustion engine generating the same total power. 41 percent of US generation is from coal. 27 percent is from gas, which has fewer emissions again. The next 32 percent are cleaner sources again.

      Your fourth point is also correct. But without context. The US moves stacks of public money into private pockets. The fact that the interest payments on a home mortgage are tax deductable is a huge, unjustified and regressive middle-class subsidy. It is far more egregious than the Telsa subsidies. The 6000lb passenger vehicle tax deduction also moves much more public money into private pockets than the Tesla subsidies, without any good policy rationale. The Tesla example draws ire because not everyone can afford or wants to buy a Tesla - they are not 'people like me', they are rich Silicon Valley types. But the other examples have a far worse impact on the public purse.

    2. *sigh* do you really think the big 3 dont get special tax treatment? and haven't for decades? with all the subsequent funneling money to shareholders (private hands)? or that Alabama didn't hurl money at Mercedes for them to build a plant there? or all the rest of the foreign manufacturers lured to build plants in the states? or that tesla is the only company that has sought to socialize its costs over the span of history? no one is that naive.

      and where the car is plugged in matters greatly in terms of carbon burden. this isn't 2001 anymore when coal was >55% of the US grid, it is 40% now, and dropping. and only someone trying to pull a fast one suggests with any seriousness these are zero emissions cars. an entity like CARB uses the term from a regulatory perspective, not a life cycle one. as of course there are life cycle emissions. that is then a needed point of comparison.

      but on a site that gushes over a rolls chopped and turned into a duelly, it is amusing to see people complain about a modified porsche. but because you love these so much, enjoy this 912 EV conversion and this speedster conversion.

      but in all seriousness, it is nice to see Jeremy Clarkson finally commenting since the bbc fired him.

    3. 911's are the supercar equivalent of a geo metro.


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