Monday, August 3, 2015

What Am I? Vented

Welcome back to DT's guessing game What Am I? where the answer isn't always what you might expect.  Last week's puzzle was solved by Chris Keen well before the previous Mystery was solved, but it'll take some time before anybody recovers from that one.  Today's picture is from an actual car -- identify the car and find it.

What am I? Comments below.


  1. Was going to go with an Esprit S4, but I am thinking this is some sort of aftermarket rocker panel or rocker panel modification.

  2. Oh wait, it's not an S4, it's an earlier Esprit.

    1. Sorry, didn't "honor thy link".


      Could be wrong....I'm feeling like there's a little margin for error with this guess.

    2. Good job FTB -- that is indeed the car in the above picture.

    3. One of my favorites. ;-) This would have worked well for the Venturi duct contest also.

  3. There must be a happy medium between air conditioners and 20 minute solutions.

    Would you accept submissions for future features?

  4. Lotus turbo Esprit HC.
    I learned that the earliest rocker scoop I could find was the Muira.
    I found this because it had to be that hard edged designer Guigiaro.


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