Saturday, August 1, 2015

That '70s Van: 1976 GMC Vandura Woodsman

In 1971 the Chevy G-series van was given its third major makeover since it was launched in 1964, and that was it until 1997.  GM sold what was essentially the same Van at its Chevrolet and GMC dealers for 27 years until the Express was released in 1997, and by the end of production it is nothing short of iconic...but the best G-series Vans are the custom jobs from the 1970s.  Like this 1976 GMC Vandura Woodsman found here on eBay bidding for $7,500 with 5 days to go, located in Vienna, OH.

The formula for the Chevy/GMC Van was simple -- unibody construction, mechanical parts borrowed from the Chevy C-Series trucks, and an engine located under the driver in a short nose/hood section.  Access to engine components is limited from the front, but you can get to things like the distributor through a large access hole in the cabin. 

The inside of this thing looks like it was designed from the blue prints of a mud hut on Dagobah.  You will really need to love the 70s to enjoy spending any time in this thing, and the depth of shag is worrisome if you are a germaphobe.

See a cooler car with an airbrushed zebra on the side window?


  1. A$$, cash, or one rides for free.

    1. I thought that was 'ass, grass, or gas', and around the time of the '73 oil embargo.

    2. That's the way I remember it.

    3. Also need the working 8-track player and Led Zep IV tape. Or maybe Frampton Comes Alive.

      The soundtrack changed a bit a couple years later (higlhy NSFW).

    4. poetic license---sue me.

    5. Gas , grass or one rides for free....on the mudflaps!

      Emblematice of the creepy Uncle Wiggly who liked to bring icepops to the kids.....shudder..................shudder

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hawkeye (to disheveled Radar at show-end): Radar, what happened?
    Radar: I don't know. I think I've been slaked.

  4. Kelso: So, you wanna shift?
    Laurie: It's an automatic.
    Kelso: I know.
    Jackie: [jumps out from behind the curtain] Surprise!
    Hyde: vanstock man its exactly how i pictured it
    Girl: i lost my top has anyone seen my top
    Hyde: actually its better than i pictured it

  5. I get it. Woods-Man. (lol-You guys, jeez)

  6. Already growing an appropriate mustache.

    How is it that the vanguard of automotive cool went from Quaaludes, shag carpeting, and venereal disease to hands-free-bluetoothed-synched-spotify-instagram screens that control the autobox? I am extremely disappointed with my generation.


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