Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tdi Powered Hunter: 1989 Volkswagen Type 2 Doka Syncro Jagdwagen

The DoKa version (a truncation of the German word for double cab-- Doppelkabine) is a strange looking combination of crew cab pickup and El Camino.  The Doka offers ample seating for a small family and plenty of room in the back for a large tent to be placed on a sketchy elevated platform if you are camping in a place called Scorpion Valley...but this Doka is also a Jadgwagen, and Tdi powered.  Find this 1989 Volkswagen Doka Syncro Jagdwagen with 03 Tdi swap here on eBay bidding for $14,322 with 6 days to go, located in Evergreen, CO.

The third generation (T3) of VW's legendary 'Type 2 Transporter' was marketed in the USA as the Vanagon from 1979-1993.  This one started life in Germany as a Doka that was optioned as a Jagdwagen. For a market reference, a nice Doka just sold for $18,600 on eBay here, located in New Jersey.
Image from http://gourmetsportsman.blogspot.com/2011/03/volkswagen-jagdwagen.html
The name Jagdwagen translates to Hunt-Car and this oddball was setup from the factory as a vehicle for hunters.  The Jagdwagen added an external roll cage, a pull-out rifle storage box (Gewehrkiste im tresorraum), a front mounted winch, and swiveling rear seats -- it really is the perfect thing for hunting beloved lions at the nearest safari park. 

This Type 2 isn't just a cool looking ride, it is also powered by a 1.9 liter Tdi turbo diesel from a 2003 MkV Golf.  The 90 horsepower engine won't be much of a performance upgrade, but fuel economy should be great.

See a cooler vehicle for your next big game hunt hipster camping trip? tips@dailyturismo.com


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    1. Probably for Stan.

      - Gianni, man of leisure

  2. You know the drill; where there's a humor cavity we must fill it. Even if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Always remember to floss.

  3. And the humour is one of the reasons I love this site.

    1. Or do you think it's morbid fascination?

    2. Probably a bit of that too. And speaking of flossing,this might be a good vehicle for a dentist to disappear into the bush with.

    3. but not only the humor... the content! - the comments! - the camaraderie! - the free 3-day weekend getaways to Myrtle Beach!

    4. LOL---as a born and raised South Carolinian, I'm trying to decide if the MB trips are a pro or a con.

  4. "Air cooled busses or water cooled vans, one isn't better than the other..." uh, amen

  5. Boy I was all excited at the thought of a 15k Jadgwagen, then I noticed it wasn't a Porsche.


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