Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Taco Tuesday: 1975 Bultaco Pursang 360

If you grew up in rural or suburban America in the 60's or 70's your first experience with powered wheels that you could control by yourself was probably with a dirt bike.  Back then you could ride all over trails near where you lived and there was probably a motocross track nearby.  You also had a wide range of bike manufacturers to choose from beyond the big Japanese 3.  Bultaco was a Spanish bike manufacturer known for their two stroke enduro, motocross and trials bikes from the late 50's to the early 80's.  Bultaco's premier model was the Pursang.  Not only fun to say, it was powerful and had excellent handling.  Today, $5K isn't going to buy you much on 4 wheels, but for a little over $5K you can buy a restored dirt bike from the 70's.  It won't be so big of an investment that you will feel bad about using it as intended.  Find this 1975 Bultaco Pursang 360 on Craiglist in Watsonville, CA

The Pursang was first sold in 1965 as a 125cc two stroke.  It was also sold as a 250cc and by 1974 as a 360cc.  This 1975 360's engine has been replaced, but has been rebuilt with a new jug and piston as well as polished to an inch of its life.

The restorer seems to have sweated some of the details, the shot of the carb shows new boots and either new or re-plated clamps between the airbox and intake.  Oftentimes, people try to reuse the original cracked and scabby ones.

The seat looks to have been recovered, however the Bultaco logo was left off.  I'm sure you can get a stencil to put it on.  Surprisingly, there are a few sources in the U.S. for vintage Bultaco parts.

The pipe also looks to be either a nicely restored, custom repro or NOS pipe. Often, these are replaced with something that works, but looks too modern or fabricated by Uncle Joe.

The only downside with this bike is that it is sold on a bill of sale, so you may have to do the "lost title" dance with your local DMV if you need a title to use it at an ORV area  in your state.  See another way to get dirty and smell like two stroke oil?  Send it in to tips@dailyturismo.com.

Gianni is the newest contributor at Daily Turismo and is honored to be officially on staff as the PNW correspondent.  He's a lifelong Alfista and grew up riding dirt bikes in rural Washington State when no one cared where you rode off road.  He wrote this bio in third person, but isn't nearly clever enough to make witty jokes about it.  Vote for Manuel, in reverb we trust.


  1. having done the dance to get a Honda Super Cub through title problems (and by That, I mean buying a second one with a blown engine and a title and piecing the beast together) a $5k no title bike is a non starter. Like I'm not going to put on a set of Metzelers and some lights and try to get that beautiful Bultaco plated for the street. They take away all the good dirt? Run em on the streets!

  2. How long does clear plastic fuel line last with modern booze-infused fuels?

    1. A looooong time if you can find non-ethanol fuel. Funny thing is that my car gets much better gas millage with it, but I think the power is decreased...which wouldn't make sense since gasoline has more energy per BTU than ethanol blended.

    2. That sounds backwards, ethanol should provide more power if the engine controls can adjust for it especially w/a hairdryer, but substantially worse fuel economy.

    3. I'm sure you guys are aware of Pure-Gas.org. I use E0 in my Alfa and motorcycles. There are a couple of stations and marinas that sell it near me. Back in the 90's we had winter blend fuel that was 10% MBTE and the mileage in my 164 would drop off when the winter blend went into effect.


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