Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Strangely Appalling: 1983 AMC Concord DL Sedan

The AMC Concord is not a movie theater in North Carolina, nor is it a supersonic transatlantic plane powered by a 258 cubic inch inline-6.  Simply put, the Concord was the AMCs answer to the Cavalier, Tempo, Fairmont, & Malibu -- a task that a restyled Hornet brought to market by an engineering team the size of the average space shuttle crew couldn't achieve.  Find this 1983 AMC Concord DL here on eBay bidding for $510 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go.

If you buy this car and don't work at a regional  AMC repairshop/mecca, you are going to have a few conversations that go like this:
Dude: Hey, wow, what is that?
Car Guy: It's an AMC Concord.
Dude: A what?
Car Guy: AMC. American Motors Corp.  Concord, a replacement for the Hornet.
Dude: And you bought it?
Car Guy: Yeah, it only has 80,000 original miles on it, and it was only $500.
Dude: Oh. What are you going to do with it?
Car Guy: Drive it around, work on it when you are at the beach or a bar...probably lose money on it when I sell.
Dude: Cool.  I'm gonna go now...
Car Guy: But you didn't see the way the reach hatch opens...and the faux wood trim...

I get that "what are you going to do with it" question a lot from non-car folks or fringe car folks -- the kind of people who buy a new Prius every few years and maybe their uncle owned a Corvette -- and it is a totally loaded question.  Yes.  I just purchased an '83 AMC and added it as my fifth car, I will drive it around the street, the same way you drive around in a Ford Edge, except I will be cool...well not actually cool because the AC runs on Freon and has long ago dried into a worthless pile of bracketry but that isn't the point.  Hang on, I just read the ad text, this car does have functioning AC converted to R134a -- SCORE 1.0 FOR THE MALAISE CAR GUYS 0.0 FOR THE HATERS.

Seriously, have you ever seen a cooler C-pillar window?


  1. You forgot the "swap in an injected 4.0 out of a Jeep Cherokee" on the list of what you were going to do with it. :)

    That one's pristine - I might have to keep an eye on it, while figuring out how to pry my wife off the ceiling if I actually bid on it.

  2. Wait, there is a good idea for a Thursday Twister: Cool C-pillar windows. How about it, DT?

  3. If ever there was a candidate for "Cars That Have No Reason To Exist"..................this is it. The Reserve should have been met already at 510.00.

  4. Ya think the current owner had that dark tint applied so no one would see them driving it?

  5. Is it actually easy to swap a Grand Cherokee engine into one of these? I see one from time to time and I have long wondered if there wasn't a way to make it amazing.

    1. I'm pretty sure Jeep 4.0 uses the same external engine mounts, bellhousing bolt pattern, etc - it's a much updated version of the AMC inline six. The only thing you have to worry about is electronics.

  6. I've actually been keeping score:

    Malaise Car Guys: 9
    Haters: 392

  7. I'd rather have the Rambler Wagon in the background.

    1. Yeah, someone seems to have an AMC infection.


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