Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So Beige It's Almost Cool: 1983 Toyota Cressida

The second generation Toyota Cressida (MX63) was produced from 1980 through 1984 as an executive pre-Lexus flagship sedan.  It was notable for being a well constructed car, and one of the first cars equipped with those detestable neck-chopping automatic seat belts.  If you don't mind the occasional death by accidental strangulation, you just might find life in an MX63 Cressida to be interesting.  Find this 1983 Toyota Cressida offered for $2900 in Culver City, CA via craigslist.

The US market Cressida was based on the JDM Corona Mark II and used a coterie of components borrowed from the 2nd generation Supra.  Up front was a decently powerful inline-6 and underneath was a decent semi-trailing arm independent rear end and 4-wheel disc brakes.  

Power comes from Toyota's 5M-GE inline-6, which was a dual-over-head cam (but perplexingly 12-valve) 2.8 liter engine that put out 143 horsepower into a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic. 

The inside isn't exactly something that will get your blood pumping, but the basic cloth seats and brown dash looks well preserved.   The seller claims he purchased it from the original owner, (did some maintenance) and it wears the original California blue plates.

See a cooler two-tone beige and brown classic?


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    1. PS Top Gear is the new Howard Stern...b@st@rds. I ain't payin' for Prime (because I'm in my prime).


    2. Gotta tell you, I'm a world class cheapskate bargain hunter, so this isn't said lightly---Amazon Prime is a stone cold bargain.

      Also, nice pull on the "separated at birth"'s another......people say the e28 5-series was a bland design, but sheesh, it's a work of design art next to this trifecta.


  2. I'm sniffing a "two-tone factory-option paint Tuesday Twister" coming soon. (Not to be confused with "I'm sniffing paint", since it's not 5pm yet).

  3. I have 2 84s. One blue one white. Both blue cloth. Better in my op than the 85-88 for just the vintage factor. The 85 on up looks and acts a little more euro. Have had 4 of those. If you find clean em up. Years ago then sweet ones were 3 grand. Now that Hagerty Ins values these in the 5-7 grand range my small investment more than doubled. Anyone in eastern Pennsylvania with a pre 89 Cressida's that want to meet up for a car show....let me know. I'm 31 Jewels. You can find me by googling me.


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