Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Schnell Tourenwagen: 1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Wagon W202

The W202 generation Mercedes-Benz C-class was launched in North America for the 1994 model year  with a few basic inline four & six cylinder engines.  In 1995 the AMG modified C36 hit the showrooms, but the final (and fastest) spec was the V8 C43 released in 1998. Unfortunately for long roof fans, all W202 headed for North America were sedan versions and we didn't get the cool wagon version...so you'll have to find an immigrant like this next one.  Find this 1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Wagon here on eBay offered for $13,900 buy-it-now located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.  Tip from Cory.

The C43 was the first new car released after Mercedes-Benz acquired AMG and the C43 was built entirely in place at the AMG Affalterbach factory, instead of the body-in-white shipped to AMG style assembly of the C36.

Power comes from the 4.3 liter V8 borrowed from the bigger E-class, rated at 306 horsepower and 302 ft-lbs of torque.  Mated to an old school 5-speed auto and equipped with an open diff, the C43 isn't lightning quick off the line (hits 60mph in 5.9 seconds) but it is a great autobahn hauler and isn't "slow" either.

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  1. Never knew these existed in wagon form and I want it so badly, even knowing it has no 3rd row like an Eseries AMG could have, this is still so damn cool.

  2. So, a Mercedes "ArM and a leG". But it is a 1999, so is that a:

    [img]http://hvtm.hu/car/m/mercedes-benz/293610.jpg [/img]
    Good Mercedes

    [img]http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MjY2WDIwOQ==/z/6g4AAOxyoMxSK9~u/$%28KGrHqZ,!rYFIJisLSy-BSK9+ubmwQ~~60_1.JPG [/img]
    or a Bad Mercedes?

    Inquiring minds want to know.....

    1. Good? It looks like it wandered down a dark alley with a Pontiac and caught some sort of disease.

    2. I only picked that photo for the angel in the background. I agree that the car is messed up.

      I was harking back to the "German Miata" posting, where the premise was that 1999 was the watershed year when Mercedes jumped the shark.

  3. low mileage car in km and looks like it spent a lot of time in Japan. Probably a good deal for someone who likes wagons like myself. Just wonder if I could get a hitch to tow a small travel trailer? Perhaps from Europe... I love the front seats!

  4. Funny, I found this myself and emailed the seller as I was curious about titling in the USA. Even if it wasn't a huge pain, I can only tolerate so many trips to the pleasant customer service folks at the local DMV. For my needs, I'd have to get shipping across the country and then source a 3rd row so it may not be worth the hassle.

    Seller's response to my inquiry: "The C43 being a production that was available in N.A. (Only the Estate wasn't) should make it more likely to be registered. I would ask DMV the question what documents would you need to provide with the understanding that the car is already in Arizona and you are buying from the registered Canadian owner. The key is the car has already entered the USA, in Oregon only the registration and bill of sale was needed. Let me know if I can further be of assistance."

  5. I'm more saddened that a 5-speed automatic is considered "old school" and 5.9 to 60 isn't particularly quick. To me an old school AT lacks overdrive, and anything faster off the mark than a 930... Is fast.


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