Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pumarang: 1987 Puma GTC Convertible

Ahhh...the Puma.  Everyone's favorite Brazilian built quasi-kit-car powered by a Volkswagen engine and graced with Ferrari Dino-esqe good looks.  Maybe it is the 3rd bottle of Bartles & Jaymes speaking, but this would make a fantastic addition to just about any garage and a great alternative to a Porsche 911.  Whoa there tiger, drinking at 7am?  No, no, this post was written last night and scheduled per DTs scheduling instructions, but I'm serious, this car is cool.  Find this 1987 Puma GTC Convertible bidding here on eBay for $14,500 with 2 days to go, located in Monrovia, IN.

The GTC version of the Puma was born long after the original Karmann-Ghia chassis was tossed aside for mechanical bits from the Volkswagen Brasilia.  In 1980, it was given accordion bumpers that are very reminiscent of the Porsche 911 and what you see here would have been a later model produced by the factory.

Out back is a  2275cc Porsche/Volkswagen dual-carb engine that runs and drives very well according to the seller.  It should be a considerable upgrade from the original 1600 cc engine, but will still be appropriately VeeDub sounding.

Cosmetically this thing needs some help, not just some cleanup of the outside, but the upholstery needs some work as well.  It will take considerable work, but in the end you could have an interesting and rare classic.

See a cooler oddball from another continent?


  1. I seriously doubt he will get his ask, this car has a lot of needs and it seriously looks neglected. I like the coupe version of these cars.


    1. Zero bids and a day and some to go...

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