Monday, August 31, 2015

Nu Skool: 1981 Honda CBX

This next bike comes from tipster Zach who writes:  "No word as to what the actual condition is, but hey, a new 1981 inline 6 cylinder motorcycle.  What isn't to like?" I can't argue  with that, if  this bike with 3 miles on it, is in as good of shape as the one picture in the ad indicates.  Find this 1981 Honda CBX with 3 miles on the odometer  here for sale in Fairbanks, AK for $6,000 via craigslist.

I don't know if I'm just too logical, but it seems if one wants to sell something for top dollar, more information is better.  Five or six decent pictures of key areas of your vehicle and a good write up in your Craigslist ad should get you a good selection of buyers.  But I guess for the buyer, where is the fun in decoding an ad with one picture, run on sentences and omitted information?  According to the ad, we should use Google and get more information about the Honda CBX.  Google, take it away: The Honda CBX was manufactured by Honda from 1978 to 1982.  It was powered by a 1 litre liquid cooled, inline 6 with 24 valves and dual overhead cams, producing 105 brake.  Since the seller couldn't be bothered, here's a Wikimedia Commons image.

The CBX originally debuted as a sport bike, competing with the Yamaha XS110 and Kawasaki Z1-R. These bikes blew the CBX away, so in 1981, Honda added a fairing, bags and re-tuned the suspension and changed it into a touring bike, renaming it the CBX-B.   Noted car and bike nut Jay Leno owns a CBX-B and features it in an episode of Jay Leno's Garage.

The seller says this bike has 3 miles on it since it is was donated to a trade school for students to learn on.  It has never been registered or been on the street.  According to an article in Motorcycle Classics, Honda donated hundreds of CBX's to American technical schools in 1981.  Apparently the donations were not successful as the advanced bike proved to be difficult for budding technicians to work on.  Left out of our ad is if there is a title or MSO that will allow you to register it.  Also mentioned is that "it will be great for a collection or to get it running and ride it".  Does that mean it doesn't run?  Is it missing some parts or did some students not know how to put it back together?  Did it sit with a little fuel in the tank and carbs for all these years?

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  1. A legendary bike flom the days when Honda was making cutting edge motorcycles. My favorite CBX picture came from a friend who had removed the carbs from her bike for cleaning. In the picture she is holding up the freshly cleaned gang of six carbs with the caption, "Nice rack."

  2. Wide load the early ones did not handle that well !

  3. These were far from perfect, but with an opened up exhaust they sound like F1 racecars

  4. The google reference above states "liquid-cooled"??? I don't think that was the case, was it?

    1. Ugh, you mean stuff on the interwebs isn't always correct? Lack of radiator should have been my first clue. Fixed it.

  5. Air cooled oil only liquid cool here.

  6. Would love to put one of these engines in a Lotus 11 replica. The Sound, the Looks, the Handling.


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