Sunday, August 2, 2015

Looks Sharp: 1934 Brewster Cabriolet DeVille

This next tip comes from Dave Z who writes:  Is it just me or does the front end look like its been photoshopped or run through CGI to look stretched to a point?  Hate to get hit by that in a crosswalk!  Find this 1934 Brewster Cabriolet DeVille here on eBay bidding for $16,850 reserve-not-met located in Horseheads, NY. 

Wait..  There is a place called Horseheads in New York state?  Is it some kind of Mafia retirement village?  Anyway, Brewster & Company was a Long Island City based automobile coachbuilder who started by building bodies for Delaunay-Belleville and Rolls-Royce.  Brewster later used the '32 Ford as the basis for this custom coachbuilt body, which is what this pointy nose sits on.

The interior is some seriously strange stuff when viewed from the eye of a 21st century car buyer, but this was standard stuff if you were a Rockefeller (or a well-to-do gangster...or is that redundant?) in the 20s/30s.  Power comes from Ford's legendary 221 cubic inch Flathead V8.

See a cooler cow catcher equipped classic for sale?


  1. That interior is great. The front end looks like it is from a different car and a different decade. Maybe before they begin the drawings for the front end, the designers drink of choice changed from wine to absinthe mixed with moonshine. Instead of using that little storage compartment by the rope to store your cigars or pistol, modern hipsters can store their iphone there. Would be fun to roar down the street hanging out the suicide door yelling at people in a James Cagney accent....

  2. This was kind of the last hurrah for Brewster, trying to find a downmarket niche during the Depression.

    They built a batch of these things as I recall.

    It didn't work, they folded shortly thereafter.

    But that nose is just the perfect thing to spear a couple jaywalking Parisians and give nightmares to the Eurocrats who came up with the pedestrian-protection regulations that's created the whole current generation of fat-nosed, tall-hooded late-model European cars.

  3. Looks like a cow catcher snow plow !

  4. I think I found a photo of the previous owner:


  5. If only it wasnt painted the colors of Reagan's sportcoats back in the day (google it). As a kid a 1937 Ford Brewster limo sat at a gas station near my house, a '47 Packard was across the street at another gas station and I was driving a '50 Packard Ultramatic. 1970 was a good year to be a kid car nut!

  6. [img][/img]


  8. Nah, the mafia was hanging out in Apalachin NY.

  9. I know this is an old post, but i live 10 min from horseheads. And if someone wants id be happy to have an excuse to check this out.

  10. I know this is an old post, but i live 10 min from horseheads. And if someone wants id be happy to have an excuse to check this out.


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