Sunday, August 30, 2015

El 36mino: 1997 BMW 328is Pickup Truck

BMWs legendary 3-series was enjoying the success of its 2nd generation 3-series when they released the freshly styled 3rd generation known as the E36 in 1992.  It was available as a coupe, convertible, sedan, wagon, and even a hatchback...but BMW never built a ute* version.  That job they left for the madmen with the tools and garage space.  Find this 1997 BMW 328is Pickup Truck (El Camino!) offered for $5,500 in Long Beach, CA via craigslist.

This E36 is built with a Mad Max meets Tron crossover theme, although the Bride of Frankenstein also comes to mind. I can't quite tell if the decoration on the side is made from rust or some kind of paint.  It probably doesn't matter, but the seller says that "Everything works fine and it's totally drivable!" Sold!!

See another Camino'd classic for sale?  *Australian for El Camino. 


  1. I will see your Camino and raise you:

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed, You can get a really nice e36 even e46 for that price.

  3. totally "running an driving"... running up the credit card and driving 'em crazy. $5k tow hook on front bumper?

  4. I kind of like the “funky paint/rat rod” look. Price would most likely be negotiable I would imagine.

  5. "No you dont need to see the interior.and yes I used a jigsaw to shape the rear deck, so what?" " Of course it has an engine, I said it totally ran, didnt I?" "Whats wrong with you people? How many pictures do you need? I ran out of tools and film, gimme a 'brak'!"

  6. I think that's the LA freeway system emblazoned on the sides... 210 on top, 10, and 60 fwys...

  7. After gazing at this over a number of days, I think I have figured out what those crazy lines are all over the car.

    They're welds.

    Beautifully sanded down. So we're looking at clear coated primed metal.

    A true Frankenwagen.


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