Friday, August 21, 2015

DT Radio Show: Questions For Stunt Driver Sarah

We will record another episode of the DT Radio Show this Friday (around 6pm PST) and Sarah Fairfield will join hosts CFlo & Vince (plus producer Ben) in the studio.  Sarah is a professional stunt driver, 24 Hrs of LeMons (Eyesore Racing) winner, and all around badass -- submit your questions in the comments below, or send us an e-mail to

You can submit simple text based questions (to Vince, CFlo, or Sarah) in the comments below, but if you are feeling adventurous, record a question with your phone and e-mail us the audio/video recording, or post it on youtube and send us the link.  The worst that can happen is we answer the question.

Want to be featured in or sponsor the Daily Turismo Radio Show?  E-mail producer Ben here:


  1. A few questions for Sarah:
    How did you get into the professional driving business?
    What kinds of cars do you own/drive?
    What do you prefer to drive for stunt work?


  2. Sarah,

    What is the hardest move to pull off in a car?
    How good are you on a dirt bike?
    What's your opinion on flat black?
    What's your favorite type of cat and why isn't it the Maine Coon?

  3. I know that driver and appreciater of brown cars! :-)

  4. Would you rather drive a well done LS1 v8 swapped FDrx7, Miata or 911?
    Is more power more fun or when do you know when to stop? Like twin turbos on an Ultima GTR or just straight 7L of n/a fun?
    Have you driven in a wild style with either of your parents in the car?
    Aston or Jag?
    Ever jump into a quarry lake?
    Cicada, are they cool or creepy?

  5. If you had a blind date, and realized when he picked you up that he didn't know how to drive a manual transmission, would you call off the date?


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