Friday, August 28, 2015

DT Radio Show: Gianni Talks Two Strokes, Toblerone, and Tubas

We will record another lively episode of the DT Radio Show this afternoon (Friday 6pm PST). CFlo & Vince will be in the studio, and Gianni will join us via skype where we will talk about the homeless problem in So Cal.  Got a question for anyone -- post it below or e-mail a voice/video recorded question to


  1. Occasionally I need to fly into the LA basin on business.
    So if I added a day to my trip and swapped out that Chevy Spark I have been dogging....
    * What challenging driving road should I select other than Mulholland Drive? (done that already)
    * I can pick any car in the aisle! What typically available rental car should I pick without breaking the bank?

    1. Rene -- some great topics. Also -- if you feel the need to spend an evening drinking beer and chatting about cars, we'd love to have you in the studio.

      Same goes to any regulars who are in/around LA area looking for a good time on a Friday night. Whoa. Hang-on...that didn't come out anything like what it sounded in my head. Cars. Beers. DT Radio Show. No shenanigans.


    2. Rene, literally ANY of the canyon roads that go between "the Valley" and Hollywood / West LA - Benedict, Coldwater, Laurel, Beverly Glen, Topanga/Old Topanga (kind of tore up last time I was up there), Malibu, Latigo, etc. Then there's west Sunset, PCH north from Santa Monica, Stunt Rd, etc. If you're into early racing history, google "Paramount Ranch race track" literally a stones throw from Mulholland Hwy just south of Agoura Hills / Westlake Village.

      If you're there Saturday morning, between 7am and 9am every Saturday at the United Artists Theater in La Canada/Flintridge there's a thing called "Early Rodders". Like a Cars & Coffee but fewer idiots with something to prove. After you get a cup of coffee and a bagel, browse the rows of classics and exotics, shoot the breeze with the owners, then when 9am rolls around, head up the Angeles Crest Highway from there to Mt. Wilson and have lunch at the observatory.

      There are literally thousands of miles of twisty roads out there to explore, all of which are exciting even at the speed limit. I'd keep that Chevy Spark for the challenge of driving a slow car at it's limit at or below the speed limit. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

      Whatever you do, go EARLY because even on the weekends, the traffic after 10am is brutal if you're heading towards the ocean, and after 4 - 5pm it's brutal heading away from the ocean.

      Good luck! I'll be back out there next for the Long Beach Grand Prix in April 2016.

    3. The 405 at rush hour, in a lowrider.

  2. I'll have a couple of hours to kill, set aside for the next podcast. So I have one question for G; what do you think of the new Alfa sedan?

    Wait! Let me get settled on the couch with refreshments and a food supply. Okay, GO!

    1. I guess I'd better start getting liquored up now.

  3. What a GREAT episode! Please have G on again, right away. BTW, if you hadn't mentioned the Skype thing, I wouldn't have known that he wasn't in the studio with you.

    Who knew El Jefe (that's El Heh-fay) was so passionate about fruit?!? His wife must love it when they go shopping at the grocery market and he starts soapboxing at full volume like a street preacher in the fruit section.

    1. I prefer El Jeff-fay myself.

      - Signed Gee-ahn-nay

      Now excuse me, I have to go back to working on my Eye-talian car.

    2. *chortle*

      PS, El Jefe and CFlo; I would have bungled it MUCH worse, that's for sure! You guys are doing a great job!


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