Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DT COW Commenter of the Week: El Camino vs Shooting Brake

It has been a while since we have honored a commenter with our sporadic COW (Commenter of the Week) award, but this next comment was just too good to pass up.

While car = malaise do {
If (length behind front seat < 6') then {car=shooting brake}
If (length behind front seat >=6') then {car=el x-mino}

Congrats to Geraldine for this week's COW award for this comment -- keep it up!!


  1. Sadly, I think the shootamino program returns and error for most mid-engined designs. Does or do you just swap 'ahead' for 'behind'?

  2. Replies
    1. I'm with you. I read it a couple of times to no avail. If we don't understand it, it can't be that funny, right? Laugh amongst yourselves, nerds.

      Also, what's the Porsche 904 got to do with it?

    2. Ha ha! Well, I'm not so sure I'd go so far as to say it wasn't funny just because I didn't understand it. I'm okay with jokes that go above my head and below my knees. I certainly ain't the smartest cookie in the jar. Still, I didn't really get it. But then some folks think this is hilarious:


      Nope. I didn't get that one, either.

  3. hang on, wouldn't it be...

    While car = malaise do {

    If (length behind front seat < 6') and if (cargo area = permanently enclosed) then {car=shooting_brake}

    If (length behind front seat > 6') and if (cargo area = permanently enclosed) then {car=family_truckster}

    If (length behind front seat >=6') and if (cargo area =/= permanently enclosed) then {car=el_x-mino}

    1. While car = malaise do {
      means make the value of variable car equal to the value of variable malaise and if successful then do something

      While car == malaise do {
      means if the value of variable car is already equal to value of variable malaise then do something

      You want the second one, the first is too horrifying to contemplate, unless car == Porsche,

      If the car fairy could change late 1980s 911s into early 1970s 911s , the car fairy would be a very rich fairy

  4. [img]https://hallofbeorn.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/nerds-ogre.jpg?w=640[/img]

    1. Darn. Didn't work from iPhone.

  5. I never see embedded images on my iPhone unless I hit the show web view link. I think it's a limitation off the Blogger platform's mobile view and Safari.


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