Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blue Bird: 1971 MG MGB GT

I've always had a hard time with the MGB naming scheme --is it correctly called an MGB or MG MGB? The second MG (short for Morris Garage) seems redundant, but the model name is certainly the MGB (not simply B) and the make is MG, so MG MGB seems correct, and in this case we've got an MG MGB GT, which might be a mouthful, but they are such cool cars.  Find this 1971 MG MGB GT bidding here on eBay for $6,500 with a few hours to go.

The seller (zaceca) on eBay seems to have a thing about placing an orange next to the car in each shot for a visual color/size reference...but it seems odd because it can't possibly be the same orange for the past few years and oranges vary in hue and size about as much as a British Leyland paint job. 

On the inside this looks like a decent example and the seller swears up and down that this is a survivor, no cheap resprays or double-sided sticky tape holding on the door cards here.  Under the hood a simple B-series inline-4 cylinder engine displaces 1.8 liters and is rated at 95 horsepower and 104 ft-lbs of torque.

See a better blue car for your collection?


  1. I'd love it if this seller attempted to sell this car, with a toy car placed on it for visual color/size reference.


  2. It seems I always post on the MGB listings, since I know a little about B's. I have no doubt as to the seller's integrity, but this ole car is pretty heavily modified. Sunroof (conversion van quality), headers and a Weber, rebuilt engine (Low comp replacing High), wire wheel to disc conversion, and either the wrong dash or the wrong year model in the listing.
    IMO if it is a 71, it has been modified to suit the owners taste, and my hat is off to him for building what he wanted. With internet sales of $20,000 GT's, its nice to see a good clean B under 6. It would be nicer if it didn't have such a long story.
    Have fun

  3. Not to be fussy but wasn't it 'Morris Garages?'

  4. MG (Model) B, GT. Hence MGB GT.

  5. *swoon* That colour looks amazing. If I can ever get any traction on my project car I swear it's getting painted a blue of a similar hue.

  6. a mix match and hodge podge...not tastefully done...


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