Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bangers and Sushi: 1980 Triumph TR7

The Triumph TR7 was a wedged shaped monstrosity classic that sold so well in the US market that the Brits had to wait while additional production capacity was added to meet the surprising demand.  Billed as "The Shape of the Things To Come" it was powered by a small smog suffocated inline-4 92 horsepower 8-valve 4-banger, but today's example has a surprise waiting under the hood.  Find this 1980 Triumph TR7 here on eBay bidding for $2,800 with about an hour to go, located in Washington, D.C.  Tip from Patrick.

The TR7 styling was penned by Harris Mann (known for his Austin Allegro and Princess work) and it was a pretty good looking car for the late 70s even with its giant rubber bumpers.  This one actually has the oomph to match the sporty looks.

Power comes from a Nissan VG30ET equipped with a single overhead cam, 2-valves per cylinder, and a single Garrett T3 turbocharger to make about 200 horsepower at the flywheel.  The seller of this car doesn't provide much in the way of details for the build, but at the current asking price it could be worse. 

The interior is better than one would expect for such an oddball engine swapped classic and everything from the plaid door inserts to the grandpa-approved steering wheel cover looks decent.

See a cooler British sleeper for less?


  1. I guess they must have had the Nissan motor lying around..... personally, if I was going to that much effort, I would have looked for a Rover 3.5 and built a TR-8. They actually are quite nice cars, and there would have been a lot less guessing. The TR7/8 is not a bad looking car in rag-top form.

  2. An inline-six in a TR7? Okay...

    Wonder if a Saab B234T fits, after all if you backtrack a couple Saab motor generations you're talking the same Triumph motor the TR7 used.

  3. If that meddling ding-a-ling San Jose Assemblywoman hadn't got California's rolling smog exemption frozen at 1975, I would already have a V-6 TR-7 convertible. I had an '80 with Bosch L-Jetronic and the potential of the car drove me nuts. It ran well enough, but knowing that B-L left the vented disc, harder shocks and bushings and oh, yeah, the 16-valve head on the factory shelves was major aggro. I like this a lot-- sure, Rover V-8, but it's a sports car and I'd rather have it NOT sound like a Camaro. The SOHC Nissan VG V-6 sounds great, too, about as close you can get to the Alfa Busso V-6 without having to figure out how to get a gearbox on the back of the Italian mill.

  4. I like it if there are no Gremlins ! Closed no bids....


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