Monday, August 17, 2015

A Stainless Steal: 1992 Jeepish Toyota Pickup Custom

All good craigslist postings start with things like this "Stainless Jeep Project All stainless steel, body, seats, fuel tank. etc. made and imported out of Phillipines (sic) on a 2 wd Toyota chassis."  What? It's only Monday and my head hurts already...hang on, you did what to a who now?  This is going to require some investigating.  Find this 1992 Jeepish Toyota Stainless project offered for $4,500 in Ft. Myers, FL.  Tip from dascpcu.

The listing is really lacking in information, so lets start with what we know -- this is a custom stainless steel body fashioned to look like a Jeep, imported from the Philippines, and riding on a 2WD Toyota truck chassis. I knew they'd legalized some recreational drugs in Colorado, but is it legal in Florida too?

The craftsmanship of the stainless body doesn't look that bad in the pictures, but stainless is far harder to form, weld or machine than plain mild steel...and the builder of this thing didn't have the factory stamping dies/machines to create these panels, so be prepared for some oddness in the construction.  At the end of day you could probably melt this thing down and sell the chromium/nickel/manganese to recoup the purchase price and just throw everything else away, but I'd rather just drive it around and confuse everybody. 

See another oddball custom that'll blind people in daylight?


  1. Maybe this is what Marty McFly would have driven if the Delorean had landed in the 1940s instead of the 1950s...

  2. Finally a Jeep that can withstand year after year of rust belt winters. Just needs a fiberglass top, a working heater and a plasti-dipped frame.

  3. These bodies were very popular in the '70s & '80s and were available Stateside from a couple different sources. I saw one up close at a dealer exhibit at a 4wd show years ago and the quality was phenomenal! Can't remember how much $ but they were reasonably competitive with what was available in the aftermarket at the time...


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