Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Selection of Classics from the SF Bay Area Craigslist by Kaibeezy

DT's logo guru Kaibeezy has always claimed that the SF Bay area craigslist is by far the best place to search for an inexpensive classic car (your Daily Turismo) and at first the assertion seemed silly.  Unfortunately, my local craigslist (Los Angeles), despite its favorable weather, is filled with a disproportionately large percentage of cars that represent dashed dreams and shattered realities of the central Los Angeles life. For some reason the same blight that infects the LA craigslist does not infect the SF Bay Area craigslist in the same percentage, and inexpensive decent condition classics just fall off trees.  Check out these examples with descriptions by Kaibeezy.

 1965 Buick Special Deluxe Station Wagon, 3-on-on-the-tree - best color, super nice condition $12,750.

1962 Simca 1000,"bring trailer" $1000

1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD, looks brand new $14,999.

1987 BMW M6, 150k miles - looks carefully maintained $18,000.

1970 Lotus Europa project, worth a look - i have no idea how to evaluate $9800.

1986 BMW E30 325 scruffy, couple of issues - DT classic though - cheap $1600.

1978 Chrysler LeBaron wagon, shiny turd color inside and out - 86k miles $3800.
Which would you pick from these, or is your local craigslist better?  


  1. remember that cooking show from before you were born, vince? the frugal gourmet? nothing goes to waste with the frugal blogger - and the cheapskate tipster, me, picks the 325 - stick, cheap, partly shiny, cheap - did i mention it was inexpensive?

  2. I'd take the LeBaron Wagon in a heart beat..Shame it isn't closer to the PNW where it came from.

  3. I don't fit in Europas.

    The Simca...I dunno, it's fascinating, but I'm into projects up to my scrotum.

    Never liked that generation of Benz.

    Would spend my BMW money on an E34 M5 preferably a wagon, or an E3 LS7 swap, not a fan of big BMWs with two doors.

    Could tolerate a 2-door E30 but not black, no black cars, would have to strip and paint Ferrari Fly Yellow and that's much more than the price of the car.

    FOUR GRAND FOR A LEBARON WAGON? See above remarks about 'black' and substitute 'woodgrain', would cost significant bucks to get rid of the woodgrain and paint oh, I dunno, BMW Cashmere Beige or maybe whatever the blue that was used on the mid '70s Trans Ams was. Then you need the late-model 392 SRT8 motor and...

    So in the end my money goes to the Buick.

    1. Was there an M5 wagon? With a stick? Wow!

    2. The E34 and the E60 M5s were both available as Tourings outside the US. There's a few E34 M5 wagons that were federalized and brought into the US.

    3. KBZ - one of these is on my list as well. I really love my E34 M5 sedan, but I'd love a wagon even more. It's already a heavy pig of a car so what's a few hundo extra pounds in the name of grace & space (it already has enough pace)?

    4. Well, if you're not going to import one, or find one locally, then:

      E34 530i wagon (there's a few out there)
      E39 540i 6-speed powertrain

      Check out the boards for M60/M62 hybridization to put M60 externals on an M62 shortblock for ease of swapping.

      Or just exhale, utter an expletive, and swap in an LS-something.

    5. I have quite the backlog at the moment too.

      Working on finishing up an LM7 swap into an E36 crapcan race car. And B230FT Redblock into Volvo 242.

      Then it's time for twin-turbo Ford Modular V8 into Volvo 245.

      After those two are done...maaaybe LS into E34 Touring.

    6. Three...I meant "those three" projects. Me can count.

    7. Well it appears you can count to eight, and divide by two to get four when necessary.

    8. Wait a minute, LM7 into E36 and you're expecting to go Lemons/Chump/AER?

      Now I'm scared...need to text some guys about more motor.

  4. Replies
    1. Though I wouldn't want to park it on parts of Filbert.


  5. KBZ, did you move not far from this dude's water source?


    1. Asgard or Oregon?


    2. [img]http://i.imgur.com/HyuEeCz.jpg?1[/img]

  6. I never noticed how they added wheelbase to the LeBaron, compared to the Volare, while keeping all the same glass. That thick c pillar really stands out.

  7. I like the Buick but not sure if i like the 300 underhood,Love the Mercedes but not the price.. Lebaron is a POS and my buddy use to get them for free !

    1. The 300 was the successor to and I think derived from the aluminum 215 that got sold to Rover so it could show up in DT Corvair features. The 300 heads are aluminum and were, until the later Rovers and aftermarket heads got into the market, highly prized for use on the 215.

      But if you feel like doing some wiring and plumbing, that car's a perfect candidate for any LS motor swap, whether it's a $800 5.3/4L60 from a 1500 Sierra pickup,or a $12000 LSA and a T56, LSA with a 6L90 might be a bit fat for the floorpan.

  8. I learned to drive in a stripper '65 Buick Special wagon.......of course it was a tan interior and black exterior. Automatic and no roof rack. One of the prettiest wagons of the mid sixties. Dont know if its a 12 grand car though.

  9. I thought you said you learned to drive with a stripper in a 65 Buick. My mistake.


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