Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Basket of Arkansas Fords From RyanM

DT regular tipper/commenter/contributor and RX-8 fanatic RyanM sent in a collection of sweet Fords found on his local Arkansas craigslist -- the best of the bunch was a Ford Travel Wagon but the listing was deleted (shucks!).  However, the rest of the set was so good that I couldn't just feature one of here they are along with RyanM's comments:

1986 XR4TI Top of market, all cossie'd out (check the rear windows aft of the B pillar vs the one in the next link...) $15k

1985 XR4TI Average market for a project/driver, stock, leaky autotragical trans $1.5k

1988 Scorpio in rough shape, not sure why I even listed it.  (DT Vince: Because it is SWEEEEEET).
1986 SVO Mustang $9k modified, looks like someone shot the inner fenderwells with '00 buck.

1994 Tracer turbo wagon - broken / locked up engine, $800.  Been trying to sell for a while, would probably take $500 and a 6'er of 4Loko.
1983 EXP Escort.  1.6 "high output".  Sure thing.

DT E-i-C Vince: Wait!!  I think I found the Ford Falcon Van -- or another one.  Here it is, a 1966 Ford Falcon Travel Wagon offered for $3,500.  Not a bad price for a car equal in cool to the uber-expensive VW Van and easily up-gradable. 

Thanks for the links and words Ryan -- keep 'em coming!


  1. He really did all that to the silver car for $30K? Got rid of the split-window? Cool! Might even be worth the money.

    Of course, we're at the magic 25-year horizon on those now anyway so you can get the real Sierra Cosworths into the country, whether you want an RS500 or something more mundane.

    Remember, Cossie YB's just a Pinto 2-liter under the head...

    The other Merkurs...the market ain't loving these things much, is it? Especially the Scorpio, which was a pretty nice car though 129HP gutless, given that it's a Ford product I'm sure the US parts supply is basically nil and you'll be shipping everything over from Jolly Old. Better still, learn to read German.

    SVO Mustang - nah, if you've ever seen under the hood of a Fox Mustang they are FULL of holes stamped during production, yes it really looks like that, the white paint accentuates it. I never like to see 'less than 1000 miles on rebuilt...' anything. I wanna see 'I rebuilt it three years ago and beat it like a Confederate Army mule for the next 20K miles'. 'Less than 1000 miles' means 'there's a bunch of crap that still needs to be fixed.'

    1966 Ford Falcon van...let's see, how much will it cost to get an Aussie Falcon DOHC 4.0 XR6 Turbo motor dumped in a container and shipped over here?

  2. The EXP looks like the result of an '83 LTD humping an '83 Mustang. I shouldn't like it but I do.

    1. I've thought an EXP with a Zetec swap (or even the 2.0 SPI out of the early Focus, which may bolt right in) would be a fun beater.

    2. All of those Escorts/EXPs are pretty good chassis, though the US Escorts were full of fuzzy maquiladora upholstery and trim that lasts about a week past the warranty under the best of circumstances.

      These are all old enough now that you could probably bring in a Euro Escort XR3i cheaper than you could build something out of a US-market car.

  3. Gents, the Falcon Travel Wagon appears to have sold. It was a beige camper variant with a pop top roof a'la Westy but arched and solid vs. canvas. I really wish I could find a copy of the advert at but it's just not coming up. It was $7500 or thereabouts and a fairly decent driver from what I understand. Looked solid, and from the chatter here it may be Canada-bound.

    For a visual reference, think this but beige, similar condition.

  4. Tracer turbo wagon? What motor did this guy put in there? We are dealing with someone who owns at least two SVO Mustang wheels (look carefully at the pic) so I wouldn't jump to the conclusion of Mazda power just yet. Transverse Franken-Lima FTW? WTF?


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