Tuesday, July 7, 2015

With Pod and Boat: 1963 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

The Radio Flyer Forester from the other day was questioned for its stance and aerodynamic efficiency, but personally I found the entire setup very cool from a novelty perspective.  Suppose for a minute that the builder was into boats instead of kid's wagons and classic muscle instead of turbo Scoobs...would he have built this 1963 Ford Ford Country Sedan Wagon with pod and boat offered for $15,000 in Seattle, WA via craigslist?  Tip from FuelTruck.

The Ford Country Sedan was a full sized 6 or 9 passenger wagon built on the full sized Ford sedan platform starting in 1952 and ending in 1974 when it was superseded by the LTD Wagon.  The big wagon lineup was based on the Galaxie and the Country Sedan featured subdued painted sides instead of the faux wood trim of the Country Squire.

This Country Sedan is not your average rusty old wagon because it comes with a boat, but it is also customized -- per the seller:
Thunderbird 390 with factory AC which is complete. She is 17ft of glorious Detroit Iron wrapped in real rich mahogany and Maple-with some side slabs of faux woody paneling just for good measure. Heck, even the taillight rings are faux woody. The roof pod is a work of functional art. Made by local craftsman.

The simu-wood side paneling looks a bit unfinished, but otherwise this thing is one cool customer.

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  1. Actually, I like the boat better than the car. It is a Firefly, which is a well respected "one design" racing dinghy:


    As a former dinghy sailor/racer, it looks like classic fun. I have never seen one with a GRP hull (good and easy) and a mahogany deck (classic and beautiful). Let me get my wetsuit......



  3. My favorite car ever.

    But if I bought this I'd have to learn to sail, and that could be embarrassing.

  4. A boat on a boat (rim shot) I like the rims and the vintage cooler in the back. But fie on the faux side wood... Looks like a fun car to cruise to the beach in.

  5. A boat on a boat (rim shot) I like the rims and the vintage cooler in the back. But fie on the faux side wood... Looks like a fun car to cruise to the beach in.

  6. I thought the roof rack was the boat. The wooden part looks like it could be a little jon boat handy for ducks. Why group the boat and car together? Is the savings on the advertising costs worth the narrowing of the market? The sailboat looks to be on a beach dolly not actually a road trailer furthering the disconnect.


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