Saturday, July 25, 2015

Varg I Fårakläder: 1986 Volvo 745 Wagon, Ford V8

DT E-i-C Vince: This next feature is written by John Harbinson, who you may recognize as the teenage car collector from the People's Choice Best Feature of 2014 that he won for buying an old rusting pile of Jensen parts.  John raised his hand when we offered folks the chance to write for Daily Turismo and this is his first (hopefully of many) feature:  The above Swedish phrase, translates to "a wolf in sheep's clothing", and this impressive Volvo 740 wagon epitomizes the phrase. This particular 740 wagon started life with a diesel powerplant, but was converted to Mustang power in 1998 with a kit from Converse Engineering, the same company who built the 960 wagon for David Letterman and Paul Newman. Find this 1986 Volvo 745 wagon with Ford V8 swap offered for $6,000 in Richland, WA via craigslist.

The engine that was used in the swap is from a 1989 Mustang, and is the high output version of the motor, which means that it has desirable forged internals, making this car very capable of future turbocharging and/or supercharging. The car even comes with a mounting bracket for a Paxton supercharger, if a future owner so desires to turn the power up to eleven.

While the mileage on the engine isn't stated, I'd wager that it's had a decent amount of mileage put on during its time of ownership, hauling the kids around, and sub-200k mileage is nice to see on a car of this vintage. Speaking of kids, the car has the third row jump seat, another desirable option on these cars.

The car comes with an almost entirely complete matching color interior as well as a whole shed full of other parts. In addition, the car has handling upgrades including an IPD chassis brace plus IPD sway bars.

See another salad dressing inspired family hauler?
John Harbinson likes fast wagons, politically incorrect SUV's, and American Chop Suey. He once rescued a metal beast from the Isle of Long only to slaughter it, and learned about understeer the hard way. He now writes about fast wagons, politically incorrect SUV's and food, that may include but is not limited to, American Chop Suey. He also totally didn't write this bio himself in the third person.


  1. Love it, but California smog?

  2. Didn't catch, titled as a diesel, cool.

  3. Does it have CA plates on it? That one pic looks like CA.Gov to me.
    Nice write up, John!

    1. Yes. I can only wonder why it isn't still in CA. (Hint: SMOG)


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