Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Hogfather: 1978 Jeep, Harley-Davison Quadruple V-Twin Powered

There is not much overlap between the young hipster Jeep rock-crawl crowd and the aging hippie Harley-Davidson cruisers, with the exception of a shared distaste for well groomed facial hair.  The biggest overlap is on the slow lane in the highway, where they trailer their custom built vehicles to ride/drive them for a few hundred feet and call it a day.  Well, that was a great ride, who wants a Coors light?  This next feature looks to be the by-product of a Jeep builder with some extra Harley engines, or a chopper builder with a spare Jeep.  Find this 1978 Jeep with 4 Harley-Davison V-Twins here on eBay offered for $10,500 buy-it-now located in Arcade, NY.

The seller starts his condition description with the understatement of the century: "unfinished project."  This isn't what you ever want to hear when you've got multiple engines connected together, be it 45 degree V-twins, flat-6s, or bi-rotor wankels.  The additional time, research, and money cost of mating those engines together can be astronomical, so reading the words "can drive" later in the listing is a ray of sunshine on a bleak day.

The heart of this custom is a set of 4 Harley-Davidson Evolution V-Twins engines that are connected via chains to a central driveshaft that is mated to a Turbo 400 transmission and a 4.56 rear end.  Each 80 cubic inch V-twin is good for around 50 horsepower when stock, so expect this entire setup to generate 200-300 horsepower depending on state of tune.

The seller was nice enough to point potential buyers to a few videos of the Hogfather running, including another video that shows the car driving, drifting, and hooning up/down the street.

See a crazier custom engine setup? Send it here: tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Ummmm, maybe I missed another subtle DT joke, but would that not be a Quadruple V-Twin set-up?

    1. Bobinott - Yes...umm...a very subtle joke about how I cannot count. Sheesh. Lemme fix that!! -Vince

    2. No no no, this is not a Quad-V-Twin. This is the rare double-W, or dub-dub for short. Hmm, fortunately or unfortunately, work will not let me go to urbandictionary to check what other slang meanings that may be connoted.

    3. Equally cool? A V-12 CBX - the Hexa-dub - built by combining two original straight six CBX engines into one beast - http://thekneeslider.com/honda-cbx-v12-by-andreas-georgeades/ - and I already know what you're thinking and you're right, it needs more chrome.

  2. Y'know that "All American" hamburger ad with the bikini chick in a monster truck on an aircraft carrier in New York harbor, etc.? They should just put the burger on this thing-- job done.

  3. This is bad ass. I love it and I want to hear it in person.

  4. I see it as a pain in the ASS !


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