Sunday, July 5, 2015

'Murica: 2007 Ford F-150 Single Cab

Happy 4th of July -- we here at Daily Turismo are continuing the illegal fireworks, over eating, and skimpy bikinis that have come to signify 'Murica by extending the 4th of July into the 5th of July.  This next feature is just about as patriotic as you can get, but only if you look past the plain white wrapper.  Find this 2007 Ford F-150 Single Cab with a giant American flag mounted in the bed offered for $7,000 in Riverside, CA via craigslist.  

Not only is this F-150 the single cab model (because if you are going to commute to work in a gas guzzling menace, you might as well remove any remote chance that you will be hauling around additional people), but it is also the stripper of all strippers -- a 4.2 Essex V6 (200 hp) with the manual gearbox and two wheel drive.  This hunk of fleet white pickup cost something in the neighborhood of $17,000 when new, an absolute bargain compared to the $26,000 minimum you'll spend on a new F-150 today.  

 See another demonstration of American dominance?


  1. I own this in Blue. It's a stripper model fleet truck. Absolutely nothing fancy in it. Plenty of power to get around town and pass at freeway speeds. Cruises at 80 mph all day long on the highway and doesn't break a sweat at 90 either. Just enough grunt to tow a car and trailer to the track (although you've got to watch out for steep driveways coming out of parking lots). (Recently installed load assist rear shocks, a $10 upgrade over the standards, dramatically improved the ride when towing.) The Essex V6 has been around forever and is basically bulletproof by this point as is the Mazda based transmission. Fuel mileage blows. I'm averaging around 13.5 to 14 mpg on my lifetime which is the same or worse than the big V8. Bought it when it was 5 years old with just under 25k on it for $12k. Nothing comparable to it on the market. Everything else was another $5k, extended or crew cab, and had 60k+ miles on it. I've put just under 40k on it since with just basic maintenance. Only unexpected failure has been the clutch slave (internal slaves can go DIAF).

    1. I did not know that they put Mazda manual transmissions in F-150s. Huh. I learn something new every day!

    2. Yup, put em in Ford Broncos too.

    3. And the old Thunderbird SC.

    4. Which just makes what happened in 2008 and 2010 even more strange. Odd, to say the least. I didnt and still don't get it.


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