Monday, July 13, 2015

Haul Wheel Drive: 1989 325iX with S52 Swap

The E30 generation BMW 3 Series is a great way to start your aging German steel collection: prices are low, expectations are high and this next feature has a surprise under the hood. Find this 1989 325iX with S52 M3 motor swap offered for $8,500 near Boston, MA. Tip from Art C.

The 325iX variant of the E30 was an all-wheel-drive version of the popular compact sedan, but it isn't always universally praised.  The transfer case and front differential adds weight and reduces the sharp road feel that the E30 is supposed to possess in spades.

You might be willing to forgive the all wheeldrive complexity after you take a peek under the hood -- that is an S52 inline-6 from an E36 M3 shoved where it doesn't belong.  The engine is modified with a few bolt on parts and is good for a claimed 260 horsepower.

See a better snow transport vehicle?


  1. No comments on this one yet? It's pretty and seems to have the right bits, but personally I don't do black cars.

  2. What a beauty (along with the beast, all rolled up in one). I bought this exact same car in 1990. Well, mine was a 318i, a black coupe with a 5-speed and tan fabric seats, but this is what I really wanted. This is my favorite 3-series body style, what a nice job on this car.


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