Wednesday, July 8, 2015

GTFourvair: 1972 Fiberfab Avenger GT-15

 Oh Fiberfab.  Where would we be without your hauntingly beautiful customs that look mean but are no faster than a Bangladesh Tuk Tuk? I'll tell you where, in a world with less joy, less feigned extravagance, a world where I couldn't buy a GT40 replica with a 20 dollar bill and get change.  Find this 1972 Fiberfab Avenger GT-15 here on eBay currently bidding for $4,200 with a few hours to go, located in Fremont, CA.

The Avenger was a model of kit car sold by Fiberfab, a small kit manufacturer founded in 1964 by Warren "Bud" Goodwin that produced all kinds of custom 60s/70s shaped customs with names that sounded like they came straight from a Marvel comic book.  The Avenger was not technically a replica, but the design was certainly derivative of the MkII/III GT-40.  This Avenger is a GT-15 version, so instead of using a VW Beetle floorpan like the GT-12 model, it uses a tubular space frame and Corvair running gear.

Power in the Avenger comes from a 2.7 liter flat-6 borrowed from a Corvair and fed via industrial fuse panel shaped air boxes.  With something shy of 140 horsepower on tap, the Avenger won't move like a supercar, but it should make some interesting noises and attract attention like a million dollar classic.

See a better classic GT35 for less?


  1. Looks nice from 30 or 40 feet..I just can't believe it would be worth anything to me to jump through all the hoops it would take to get it registered in Texas. No VIN and no title from the last two owners.... HUMMMM. Not for me.

  2. The proportions on that thing are what you get when someone pulls it out of their backside while they're going along...

  3. Whoa. For a kit that's 43 years old, this is a really nice car. Other than the little stuff and the expected cracked 'glass, this is a tremendous deal if it stays reasonably priced. It would be fun just for a spin around the block, with that engine hanging out the back. Even the panel fit and gaps are crazy good for such an old kit, even if it is one of the better known ones. These things were hard to get to look this good even when new. Which is a loooong time ago. Figure it out on your abacus, kids.

    I can't remember the last time I saw one like this; either they're clearly garage queens or they're in primered pieces. Wow, just wow. Oh and...coolio. Hip, cats and kittens. Groovy.

  4. Tuk-tuks are Thai. Bangkok, not Bangladesh. Also, motorized versus pedal powered.

    Bangladesh rickshaw

    Thai tuk-tuk


    1. They're also Indian. The chase scene was one of the non-female highlights of Octopussy.

    2. ok, to be more precise/accurate: "tuk-tuk" is the Thai word for an auto rickshaw; auto rickshaws are, of course, found far and wide; they are commonly called "bajaj" in India; in Bangladesh they are called "baby taxi", "CNG", "helicopter" and "mishuk"; they also appear to be called "tuk-tuk" or something very similar in Laos, Cambodia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Egypt. One of the more interesting Wikipedia articles I've bumbled across in a while.

    3. KBZ -- you are correct, the Bangladesh term for a tuk-tuk would be something else, but I thought the combination of words had a good ring to it. I have only ridden auto rickshaws in India, I think the tuk-tuk name is the most appropriate because of the terrible tuk-tuk noises emanating from the 2-stroke engines at idle. Furthermore, the skill of a good tuk-tuk driver in bumper-to-face traffic is nothing short of extraordinary. -Vince

    4. what's this? - you're organizing a Bangkok to Chittagong tuk-tuk rally? - 2/3 of the trip is backroads of Myanmar? - DT logo LifeStraw keychains for all participants? - i am in!

    5. That is the best thing I've read this year. Count me in. My only stipulation is that I get one similar to Q-Branch's. At least similar enough to pop a wheelie.

      Anybody seen this?
      Or this?


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