Saturday, July 25, 2015

DT Radio Show: Seeking Questions and Sponsors

We are recording the third episode of the Daily Turismo Radio Show tomorrow afternoon (Sunday).  DT's logo guru and resident space pirate/time traveler Kaibeezy will join DT Editor-in-Chief Vince in the studio -- if you have a question, just drop it in the comments below or send us an e-mail.  We are also searching for sponsors, if you've got a business cleaning submarine screen doors, teaching French language courses to mollusks, or launching bricks into space, we'd love to have you as a title sponsor, send us an e-mail here:


  1. Where did you move to? And what happened with the cars you had to sell?

  2. Do you think the new ND Miata will be successful or does the buying public just want overweight, over engineered luxury status symbols that offer more in connectivity and gadgets over driving involvement. Is the ND the end of the line for the lightweight, affordable sports car?

  3. What would you consider the essential tools in any Daily Turista's garage? I'm talking high-yield stuff, even if you would only use it a handful of times.

  4. When is the car bubble going to crash?

    Also, I have $20 in advertising budget if, for one week only, you will name it "The Daily Turismo Radio Show, brought to you by Deez Nutz"


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