Friday, July 24, 2015

DT Radio Show: Episode 2, Co-Host CFlo Joins The Show -- We Talk Trash

Episode 2: New Co-Host CFlo joins the show, new features,same old Vince. Enjoy #DTRadio
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  1. ~ more adds, more apps ? MORE CARS !

  2. Rock on, my gear head brethren, rock on. Another excellent episode!

    1. You are just stoked because we answered your question on the show!!!

      p.s. We are recording another show this Sunday -- but I will post a call for questions later.

    2. One request if I'm ever on; I'd like to enter the studio thru the FRONT door. Because you are clearly embarrassed, I will be happy to wear a disguise.

    3. I really liked his answer, despite my rather lame question. I was expecting a smart ass answer but his reply was well considered.

  3. Haven't commented in awhile, but using to many pop-outs etc, tend to slow down my computer. I am using a very old computer. I'd like to add the less, apps and etc. The more accessible, quick and easy it is to find everything. I suspect this is why the page-views are so big here. Since it's mostly html based. Please keep it this way!


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