Friday, July 17, 2015

DT Birthday Celebration: Introducing The DT Radio Show Podcast

Radio legend Casey Kasem is quoted as saying:  "Basically, radio hasn't changed over the years. Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, playing music, sharing stories, talking about issues - communicating with an audience."  What he said couldn't be more poignant than in today's digital era, where print media, music, film, and television go through regular technological upheaval, but the simple voice over the radio persists.  The biggest change was the boom of the internet and the availability of homebrew radio shows, in the form of podcasts, so we figured, if you can't beat em, join em.  Listen to the first DT Radio Show here via podbean or via the DT Radio Show page here.

Yes...I know that isn't a radio tower...but it was the best I could do on a short notice...
You should be able to find it in the Apple iPhone podcast app by searching for "Daily Turismo Radio" if podbean isn't your thing. (we are still working on the iTunes side of things, more later).  This is the first of many planned DT Radio shows and it was a one man show -- but expect guests on future episodes.  Huge thanks to DT's radio producer Ben for all of his help and expertise. 

DT Radio Show here via podbean or just click below.

If you want the radio show on your iPhone or android, but point your phone to this mobile site:

In an iPhone, at the bottom of the screen, please click the "Quick Launch" icon. Once you've done this it will add our podcast to your  home screen and appear as an app. You can also install the resident podbean podcast player. The steps for android are similar. Click here for details


  1. +A gazillion! Finally, a voice out of the darkness...

  2. Hunsbloger - On VacationJuly 17, 2015 at 8:23 AM

    Awesome! Totally captured the essence of what DT is all about. Thanks for giving me something to listen to while I drank my coffee this morning.

  3. It has been brought to my attention that when you search in the Apple podcast app on your phone for "daily turismo radio" that you don't get squat. We are working with our technical specialists to fix this problem. Please stand by...

  4. Podcast is now embedded on the website for easier listening. Enjoy!

    1. Easier listening. I know one fan who will be very excited to hear that.


  5. I particularly liked the advice of buying and reading 10 year-old car rags to see what the "pros" had to say back in the day.

  6. So I was thinking about this over the weekend: the advice not to buy a new car, but wait until they are 2 - 3 years old and let someone else take it on the chin regarding depreciation. I think I agree (but I'm guilty of buying new), but if we all do this, does that mean the death of enthusiast cars and all we are left with is slightly used white RAV4's? So if no one buys the new ND MX-5 and we all wait for a 2 year old used one, will there be an NE since sales sucked for the ND? Does someone need to buy new so that it continues to be possible for the true believers in the car companies to make the case for an enthusiast car to the bean counters that just look at YOY sales and ROI?

    1. I'm pretty sure DT's target market, and therefore the subset of podcast listeners, isn't quite large enough yet to put much of a dent in the new car market ;-)

      Let the mindless horde buy the new cars and make payments every month. I think there will always be a certain type of person that equates used cars with used underwear and will therefore only ever think of buying new. We need them to continue that behavior!


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