Monday, July 13, 2015

Bronze And Statuesque: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Nomad Wagon

The second generation Chevrolet Chevelle was based on GM's A-body platform and the wagon version is one of my favorites from the A-body.  The Chevelle wagon lacks the crazy vista-roof that was available in the Olds Vista Cruiser version (the 70-72 Buick Sport Wagon also lost the Skyroof option), but in my book, clean styling trumps questionable additions that leak when it rains and sunburns your kids when it is sunny. Find this 1972 Chevelle Nomad Wagon here on eBay bidding for $4,000 reserve-not-met with 1 day to go, located in Salt Lake City, UT.

A quick search of the internet and you can find many examples of the first generation Chevelle in wagon form, but not too many of the '68-'72 examples.  Either GM didn't build many wagons in the second generation, they've all been crushed, or owners don't want to sell them.  Either way, asking prices for the ones around seems to be reasonable.

This Chevelle is powered by a 307 cubic inch small block Chevy with a base 2-barrel carburetor that was rated at 130 SAE net horsepower when new.  That may sound pretty abysmal, but it was really only a few ponies down from the '71 base 350 V8 rated at 245 SAE gross horsepower, which when comparing apples-to-apples was 165 SAE net horsepower. 

See a nicer classic piece of sculpture currently bidding for cheap?


  1. Auction ended without a sale. Plenty of rust may have slowed the bidders...

  2. 130 SAE net in '72? I don't think that kind of tragedy occurred until '75 or so, with the bead-cat 305s.

    Link goes to a '64, can't find any listing current or completed for this one.

    And yeah, most of the old wagons have long since been parted to keep coupes and convertibles on the road, though IMO the wagon is far more desirable. I used to joke about buying up and crushing convertibles to restore wagons.

    1. mrkwong -- I thought the same thing, but the seller listed the cars as 130 hp 2bb 307, so I checked it out -- apparently GM started rating the Chevelles in both SAE Net and SAE Gross in 1971 (I'll take mine Gross please!!!) and in 1972 they switched entirely to SAE Net. According to multiple online sources, the 307 made 130 hp. Yuck! -Vince

  3. Sorry guys, I had the wrong URL for the listing -- updated with the correct link above. Also, you can find the car offered for $6,500 here on .

  4. By the time you get done with the LSA crate motor and T56, the Recaros, the Porsche Cayenne brakes and American Racing Halibrand-clones (no Torq-Thrust please, too common), the Ford 9-inch rearend and DSE or whatever suspension (or, hell, Art Morrison frame), the difference between $4000 and $6500 won't even cover the sales-tax bill on the parts.

  5. This is pretty close to the family hauler we had when I was a tyke. By the time my brothers got it they drove it with the windows down year round since the only thing with more rust holes than the floors was the exhaust. The New England winters and teenage hooliganism weren't kind to it.

    I would totally drive this one though, especially at around the price advertised.

    1. Drive it, if the NASDAQ gets to 5500 then it's time for this and this and this.


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