Friday, June 5, 2015

Reader Ride: 1973 VW Super Beetle Woodie

This next reader ride comes from Orson who built this unique custom 1973 Volkswagen Beetle "Woodie" -- read about it in his words:

I have is a 1973 VW Super Beetle ,I bought her on eBay about six years ago ,I bought her because I always wanted to have,make a Woodie ,and VW was the best because of the stile running boards, after completion I generally keep it in a portable garage, because it's not tagged ,but I take her to local car shows she has the stock engine is all chromed because of the extensive exterior and interior work with the body ,wood work and wooded inlaid interior ,We did all the project on the weekends ,I think I had to go to plexiglass atlest twice because #1you can't use glass because IT'S still a VW (witch has curves &2 you can't let anything (laqure thinner)on it,and I might sell her "if the price is right".
I bought her on ebay about 6 years ago it ran great I drove it home (about 400 miles) I bought it because I always admired and  wanted a "woodie wagon" and since I couldn't' afford a real one the VW was the best candidate ,to me (running boards remind me of the '30 style). 

set out to buy one .as you see from my sketches I figure just put a "box" over the body and frame it in .

WELL!!! after 3- years ( of trial an error) we (my son in law and me ) have three  "shows" it's finished !! my only regret is when I drove her home my wife looked at her and named her "adorable" and ovcorse said it was hers. 

All the wood came from LOWE'S panels and boards are burch and red oak I selected for the "grains" the front fenders were lengthened to accommodate the "car kit '40 ford" I found at a VW shop ,I added the '40 headlight Ford bezzels,model 'A" Ford tell lites because I likes the "S.T.O.P" which I thought was neat ! 

the rear view camera and '9" monitor serves as my rear view mirror,am/fm/dvd/2.5"radio w/bose speakers, I also put in a house ac "old school"roll & pleat interior wood dressed dash and console, two set's of air horns , new 560x15 FIRESTONE tires , air shocks (because of all the wood " and chromed the engine (whch had already been rebuilt)  

it's won award and trophys  at every car show so far and I'd like to keep showing it until my health/age gives out OR I get an offer in the mid 5 digit range   I have alot more construction pic if you want them?

DT Editor Vince: It is great to see someone putting his money where his mouth is and building the custom car of his dreams.  Not everyone is going to love something this "custom," but please be nice in the comments.  If you have any interest in this custom Beetle, send us an email and we will put you in contact with Orson


  1. That's a heck of a lot of work. It does remind me of a Mini Traveller, which is a very good thing. Thanks for sharing, Orson!

  2. ~ Glad you and your son in law have had this bonding time, Orson.

  3. Hey Orson,
    Very interesting car, these are the kind of cars that I like to see at a car show.
    You had a vision and followed through to make it happen.
    Definitely different than a sea of 70's Chevys with braided-hosed small blocks.

  4. Solid result, Orson! When I look at custom cars at Cruise Nights, I focus on the quality of the work, and whether the theme carries through the entire car. Your Woodie looks like it would pass on both fronts.

    I currently am involved in a project to build a somewhat hotrod inspired Citroen 2CV coupe. As such, I am aware of the incredible number of decisions that go into a build like yours. The fact that you came out of it with a cohesive result is a credit to you and your son.

  5. The interior wood work is amazing.


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