Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kaibeezy's Fleet Sale: '98 BMW 540i & '94 Buick Roadmaster Wagon

Quick update on Kaibeezy fleet sale  -- there is still a chance to get a celebrity owned family hauler from DT's resident logo guru and amateur snake farmer.  You can chose between this 1998 BMW E39 540i 6-spd ($6k) and 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate ($4k).  Make an offer, the worst that can happen is -- Kaibeezy says yes and you fall into a pit of venomous cobras. 

Interested in buying one of these beauties?  Send an email with your contact details here:


  1. I could actually use the Buick, but I'm not in a position to add more vehicles to the fleet right now.

  2. That buick is a TRUCK! Like taking your couch for a ride!

  3. I'm 6'2". Could I lay down either from rear door to door or do all the rear seats fold down? I'm ready to stop being homeless.

    1. I'm 6' and lived out of a Fiero, so the answer is yes; the 5 is the equivalent of a New York apartment and the Roadmaster is a palatial estate with a guest house that some surfer dude named Kato can live in for some unknown reason.

    2. Um, yes, both rear seats fold.


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