Friday, June 19, 2015

?k: Don't Call It A Turd2Sell: 1981 Toyota Tercel

Only Toyota would have the nerve to offer three different subcompact cars at the same time in the early 1980s, the E70 Corolla, 1st gen Starlet, and 1st gen Tercel.  The Tercel was the first of the Toyota lineup to go front-wheel-drive, but it was also the lightest and cheapest.  Find this 1981 Toyota Tercel offered for "make an offer" in Duluth, MN via craigslist.

I understand it was a cold winter this last season...but snow in  The Tercel used Toyota's A-series engines -- in 1981 for the US market it used the 3A, good for 71 horsepower.  This one is shifted via the 5-speed manual gearbox and with only two owners could be an interesting almost-classic to drive around.

See another low buck classic for your garage?


  1. Despite what might be a bad respray, this appears to be a true survivor.

  2. These were a weird bird, Toyota's first mainstream FWD if I recall, and the engine's north-south, not east-west, don't think this transaxle was ever used in any other Toyota, at least not US-market Toyota.

  3. Restored AND needs a clutch. How about that.

  4. Did a clutch in one of these once. Wasn't that bad. They tended to go forever.

  5. Had an 82 in the same color and config. The SR5 hatchback looked sportier.

  6. Duluth is the San Fran of the north. Just imagine those hills covered in snow. Not a clutch friendly place


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