Sunday, June 21, 2015

Half Priced: 1996 Opel Astra B 1.4 16V Sport

Been a busy day for the DT team, so here is a half-baked attempt at a joke.  Find this inexplicably bisected 1996 Opel Astra B 1.4 16V Sport here on eBay bidding for €1,600 ($1,800 USD -- wow the exchange rate is great these days!! What gives??) located somewhere in the old world with 4 days to go.

The best thing about hacking the rear section of a front wheel drive car is that you lose none of the cold weather performance that they are so universally lauded for.  Just slap some roller skates or a bobsled skid on the back and you've got the perfect city car. 

See a better front driver for less?


  1. Why waste all those cut-off discs? All you need are a couple of McDonald's trays:


    Apparently this guy cut everything in half during a divorce. I guess this was his half of the car.

  3. So is it now a coupe, roadster, or hatchback?

  4. Not going too far without a gastank.

  5. It's actually a PR stunt by some german lawyers. Haha. very. funny.

  6. Mmmm...BBQ meatballs.



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