Tuesday, June 30, 2015

El Camino All Things: 1999 Ford E350 Pickup

The fourth generation Ford E-series van may have shared many of its components with the F-series pickup, but it was technically built on its own platform.  However, most of the mechanical components are shared, starting with powertrains and continuing to interior parts, so you can expect a degree of similarity.  What you won't expect to see is an F-series van or an E-series pickup, but here we find this thing, putting the E in El Camino.  Find this 1999 Ford E350 Pickup offered for $6,000 in Bonaire, GA via craigslist.

Power in this oddly short bedded beast is Ford's torque monster 7.3 powerstroke - a Navistar International Corporation built electronically controlled turbo diesel that pushes out 250 horsepower and 505 ft-lbs of torque before you install one of those aftermarket boost controllers. Expect it to be extremely competent at towing and surprisingly good for hauling around junk in its little bed.

See another custom E-Ranch35o? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. "Ranchero" all things. FIFY.

  2. That makes two Ford vans with pickup conversions running around in Georgia - I've seen one based on an older Econoline cabover chassis running around in Snellville. Sorry, no link as it's not for sale.

  3. I'm not the smartest man in the world, but how exactly did this improve on a regular old F-350 Dually?

    1. Shorter overall with the same box makes it an improvement over a regular F-350

      Step 1. buy ambulance from auction $3000
      Step 2. buy dodgey pickup box from junky, $1000
      Step 3. cut and paste
      Step 4. Profit.

  4. Just the thing for pushing 777s away from the gate and rolling coal.


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