Saturday, June 27, 2015

2k: Japanese Classic: 1983 Toyota Supra A60

The second generation Toyota Supra (A60) was built from 1982 through 1986 on a shared platform with the Celica and JDM Carina sedan.  The Supra was the headliner in Toyota's lineup and featured unique front end styling, big fender flares, and available inline-6 powerplants.  Find this 1983 Toyota Supra offered for $2,200 in Carson City, NV via craigslist.  Tip from Andrew M.

A used Celica Supra isn't the height of sophistication, but you don't get much for $2200 these days.  The color is good, the rims look nice, and the car hasn't been modified into oblivion -- I give this two DT thumbs up.

Power from this Supra comes from a 2.8 liter 5M-GE inline-6, but not the original engine this car would have been born with, but an engine reclaimed from the corpse of a Toyota Cressida.  It isn't an upgrade per se, but probably the cheapest/easiest way to get a replacement engine -- kudos to the seller for being upfront about this, many sellers wouldn't mention it and most buyers don't check engine serial numbers.

See another late model classic for less?


  1. Northern Nevada uses no salt on the roads, and the air is VERY dry. If this car has spent much of it's life here, there should be little to no rust. And it looks like the owner(s) didn't sun bake the paint.

    When new, these cars were great. Vastly more reliable than US or most Euro competitors. And the seats are fantastic. I had a friend that owned one from new, and he loved it.

    This car has been for sale locally for over a month. Not that this is a bad thing. But a good PPI and good negotiation skills will pay off. GT Auto in Carson City is an ASE, licensed restorer that works on my classic. The owner Gene is an honest auto enthusiast. He has performed an "in the seller's driveway" PPI for my locally purchased classic, and I am glad he did. The seller agreed to lower the price to cover the issues Gene found, and I couldn't be happier how it all worked out.

  2. Replies
    1. Hmmm, let';s see... A 30 year old car with an engine swap with 100K on it for an 18 year old with no experience working on cars to use to get back and forth to community college and his job? What could go wrong? :-)

    2. Surprisingly brilliant cars. I've heard several folks compare it to a 6-cyl M3. I'm prepared for the rotten fruit and vegetables about to be thrown at me. But REMEMBER - I'm just repeating what I've heard. I didn't claim it!

      To be totally honest, when I worked for Toyota, although I liked the exterior style, I never particularly liked driving them. Too GT for me. But that's just me.

      Everything you ever needed to know about the MK II Supra.

  3. Hard to tell, but looks like a messy repaint. Also, body colour on the alloys was not from the factory. I had an 84 celica gt and despite the relative lack of power it felt well balanced for the time. Was fun filling the rear washer fluid BAG inside the rear hatch. Some nice features - it had a soft-opening change drawer and the flip up headlights were dead reliable. This one brings back memories. Wish I had a barn to hold all of these I'd like to start collecting.

  4. Yeah, they weren't fast by present standards but for the time they were really something special.


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