Saturday, June 20, 2015

1k: Pile-o-Parts: 1972 Mercury Capri

The first generation Mercury Capri was no ordinary Ford Mercury, it was a sporty coupe built by Ford of Europe (in Germany) and imported to the USA under the Mercury brand.  It was a shining star in the sea of crap that was launched for the US market in the early 1970s and offers a great bang for your buck today.  Find this 1972 Mercury Capri here on eBay bidding for $920 with 3 days to go, located in Easton, PA.

This Capri is quite a project, but the asking price isn't bad and the gold pinstripe on green paint job looks like a keeper.  Just find some new bumpers, and get those fog lights fitted up properly.

And maybe finish installing the engine?  Lots of potential...


  1. No way I'd put a 351W in a Mk1 Capri, but this looks a collection of parts whose value is somewhat higher than what it's bidding at now.

  2. My first love was a Capri, a 1974 with 2.8 V6, four speed, headers, duel exhausts, and a bigger Weber carb. It was not a neck snapper in the acceleration department but from mid-range on it would just pull and pull. The sound of that V6 was joyous, as intoxicating as a beautiful women whispering promises in your ear she fully intended to keep. Doing over 100 MPH on 13 inch tires was something better left for the indiscretions of youth, however.
    I wouldn't want the 351 for this car, it seems like extreme overkill and is not needed the V6 correctly tuned is enough to reward a good driver and punish a bad one.

  3. Something in me wants to go all MadMax with this and it is al most located close to me (no I haven't seen the new movie). I agree a nice modern v6 or even an S2000 or 2jz swap would be a riot in this, hard to believe I am not suggesting an LS1T56 but this car looks somewhat little and old in a delicate 96 year old man kind of way.


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