Friday, June 5, 2015

10k: Right Wheel Drive: 1990 Toyota Cressida

The MX83 generation Cressida was released in 1989 and ended up being the last rear-drive sedan offering with a Toyota badge ever sold in North America.  It might not be on most performance oriented bargain hunter's top ten list, but it actually offers a surprising amount of go for the buck and powered by a big inline-6, it could be considered an alternative to a contemporary BMW 5-series.  Find this 1990 Toyota Cressida offered for $9,100 buy-it-now here on eBay from Roverclassic, located in Staten Island, NY.

This Cressida is offered as a low mile (27k on the odometer), one owner, California survivor.  It is not a museum piece, it does have its fair share of dings and dents, but you'd have a tough time finding another Cressida with as many miles.  

The Cressida shared much of its mechanical bits with the Mk III Supra, including its 7M-GE 3.0 liter inline-6.  It is twin-cam design that was rated at 190 horsepower and  185 ft-lbs of torque.  The 7M (with or without a turbocharger) is known for blowing headgaskets, apparently due to incorrectly torqued head bolts from the factory (an easy thing to remedy if you've got basic mechanical abilities).

It might have a Toyota badge on the back, but the Cressida was a preview of the nice interior you'd find on Lexus badged product a few years later.  Ironically, it was actually the launch of the Lexus brand that brought about the demise of the North American Cressida (aka Toyota Mark II).

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  1. I've never considered a Cressida as a 5 competitor. Interesting.

    In honor of BCW and National Doughnut Day, I present this rare TWR (Tom Walkenshaw Racing) 1995 Range Rover County Classic.

    Would the luxury SUV market be the same without Land Rover? You tell me!

    From the eBay ad copy;
    This is the Holy Grail of rare classics - once estimated only 7 were still on the road.

    Brooklands on the TWR; A small number of U.S. Range Rovers (only SWB model) were sold with a body-styling kit designed by Tom Walkenshaw Racing (TWR) for $1,995 more than the standard County Classic. The TWR body kit was first introduced back in 1991 on the European Brooklands model that was never sold in North America. In February 1995 LRNA issued a press release that said: "The TWR kit adds a unique and attractive appearance to the classic Range Rover. The kit is specially fitted at the Factory and is available on a limited number of Epsom Green and Beluga Black County Classics. A dealer installed accessory version of this kit will become available during the second quarter of 1995."


    1. Is El Jefe finally acknowledging BCW? That watermark on the Cressida image above may make it seem so...and yet...

    2. I think that's called:

      "Eh, mate, wot's that lot of crap on the shelf?"

      "Cor, lemme check. Says here 'spares for Brooklands bodykit'"

      "'Brooklands bodykit'? More on the shelf than we ever sold, innit?"

      "Too right. Get that drone in marketing to flog some of 'em off in the Big PX."

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This was the trailing edge of the Toyota window, when even the cheap cars were bulletproof and had first-rate material quality (if not always paint, and if sometimes the mechanical layout was pedestrian.) The larger Japanese sedans at that time were generally slab-sided because in the home market there was another tax on cars over something like 67in (okay, 2.65m?) wide. Export models would get bigger fender lips and things like the fender pontoons on the US-market first-gen Honda (Acura) Legend.

    Unfortunately, the last couple generations of Cressida had the motorized eyeglass-destruction devices. I'm guessing that the marvels of the intertubz could scare up the appropriate non-US-market belts and trim to correct that.

    Otherwise, these are nice enough cars to drive and the Cressidas seem to have some cred in the rice community, but that $9K will get you a later GS300 or GS400, or a nice 540i, or a significant chunk of a good E34 or E39 M5.

  3. The TWR, at $11K, seems like a decent price. What the going market value is currently, I don't care. But it seems downright cheap compared to this poor b@stard's bargain-basement HSE at $95K-$100K. And that's for the stripela model. Add more if it's one of the other HSE variants. We see it all the time when we take the dogs for a walk. Sorry about the poor picture, it was getting dark and the vampires were starting to awake. Had to act quick! I could see the owner of the RR inside his business, which is clearly some sort of scam...and there are the remnants of a health gym still in the place, so he was all by himself in there using the equipment which must be worth at least a half mil...alone, on the stationary bike, while his RR sat outside shedding value as quickly as possible. Depreciation in Year 1? $21,478. Bazinga.


    I got all excited because I thought it was a $285,000 Holland & Holland leather-lined mobile gun case. But when I got close enough to really check it out, I realized it was just an HSE. Which one, I don't know.


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