Monday, May 11, 2015

What Am I? Stick Ball

Welcome to another edition of DT's cure for the Monday morning blues -- What Am I? We take a random picture of a car and you get to guess what it is and make derogatory comments about the condition of said vehicle.

 What am I? Comments below.

Update: You were looking at the guts of a 1976 UAZ 469B -- a Soviet army vehicle found here on eBay. Good eye, Mr Anonymous Soviet Jeep driver.


  1. I'm guessing something amphibious. Scouring the interwebs now.

  2. Replies
    1. Da comradenonymous. Actually, a 1976 UAZ 469B, but that is close enough.

  3. Wow...nice pull anonymous----can't find the listing that this pic is from, but here's similar.

  4. It is on Hemmings for 20700...

  5. I was going to say that this is either a ROA or something from the Eastern Block. LOVE all the shifters. Let's see...
    2-wheel/4-wheel, High/Low, Gear Shift (3 Speed + Reverse?) and then is the straight one with the button the parking brake?

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  7. Damn good thing my wife isn't driving that, I have a hard enough time not touching the wiper stalk when she's driving. Heaven forbid that you should place a lever within easy and tempting reach!


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